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copy of Sage Plant

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Generality of the Sage Plant:

Sage is perhaps the most famous aromatic plant known. It can be considered the most important of the kitchen, as it is known and used all over the world for its aroma since ancient times. The species that we are accustomed to use to flavor our dishes is the Sage officinalis or common sage, a perennial species native to the Europe of the mild climate zones. The stems are first of green color, then with maturity they become woody, in section quadrangular and very branched. It is a plant that can reach one meter in height. The leaves are oval-lanceolate, of a beautiful gray-green color.

On-line Sale of the Sage plant, available in the following sizes:

  • Vase 7cm, Height: 5/15cm
  • Vase 14cm, Height: 20/25cm

On-line Sale Of the Sage plant, available in the following sizes:

  • Vase 7cm, Height: 5/15cm
  • Vase 14cm, Height: 20/25cm

Generality of the Sage Plant:

Sage is a precious aromatic plant whose active ingredient is obtained from the leaves and the flowering tops. The leaves are harvested from July, until June, while the inflorescences are dried in the shade and stored in cloth or paper bags. The leaves are also kept fresh in glass jars sheltered from light. The properties of sage are different and known for a long time: from the plant we obtain the essential oil, tannins, saponosides and choline. It has anti-inflammatory, balsamic, digestive, expectorant properties. It is also called natural estrogen because it treats both painful menstrual syndromes and disorders related to menopause: for ladies who live this delicate moment it is very effective against the boring "caldane". It is also indicated against water retention, edema, gout, rheumatism and migraines. It is antidiabetic, cleanses blood, serves against night sweats and subsequent weakness and against insect bites. Heals the wounds, stops the blood and accelerates the scarring. In the kitchen its fresh or dried leaves are used to flavor first courses, main courses of meat and fish, focaccia and savory pies. Salvia smoke eliminates odors of cooking and animals.

Cultivation and Care of the Sage Plant:

Sage loves the heat and prefers sunny places, keep in mind if you want to keep it in pot on the windowsill. It is a very resistant plant that does not fear drought and winter frost, but can have problems if there are situations of prolonged soil or air humidity. This aromatic plant is suitable for all types of soil, faithful to its Mediterranean origins, suffering only stagnant water and too compact and clayey soils. In winter, especially in the northern regions, it is advisable to protect the root system with straw mulching, to protect from frosts.

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