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CURRY PLANT 'Helichrysum Italicum'

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Generality of the CURRY PLANT 'Helichrysum Italicum':

The Helichrysum plants include many species originating in Asia and Africa, they can be perennial, annual or medium-sized shrubs. The Elicriso plants reach 50-60 cm in height, the stems are erect, rigid, gray-blue, and are covered with oblong or lanceolate leaves, the same color of the stems, the flowers bloom from spring until the end of summer, solitary or in bunches; most species have yellow flowers and have glossy, paper-like petals.

On-line Sale of the CURRY PLANT 'Helichrysum Italicum',available in the following sizes:

  • Vase 7cm, Height: 10/15cm
  • Vase 14cm, Height: 20/30cm
  • Vase 18cm, Height: 30/50cm
Vase Size
  • Vase 7cm
  • Vase 18cm

On-line Sale Of the CURRY PLANT 'Helichrysum Italicum', available in the following sizes:

  • Vase 7cm, Height: 10/15cm
  • Vase 14cm, Height: 20/30cm
  • Vase 18cm, Height: 35/40cm

Generality of the CURRY PLANT 'Helichrysum Italicum':

The Elicriso-licorice, so named for the characteristic scent emanating from the vegetation, is a Mediterranean aromatic which is used the leaves that give to soups, chicken, roasts and stuffed a characteristic taste very similar to that of the Curry. This is also called "curry plant". The leaves of helichrysum-licorice are eaten dried, because fresh they have a slightly bitter aftertaste. They flavor rice, meat, chicken and vegetables: a sprig of helichrysum placed under the skin of the poultry in the oven will give a delicate spicy tone. The stem is robust, very branched, entirely covered with numerous filiform leaves, hairy and green-silver colored. The flowers are yellow. The fruit is an oblong oval achene. The Elicriso contains essential oil, tannin, caffeic acid and its main properties are: sedative, bechico and stimulating blood circulation.

Cultivation and Care of the CURRY PLANT 'Helichrysum Italicum':

Sowing the helichrysum in spring in a sandy loam; when the seedlings are sufficiently developed, transplant them into full earth or large pots placed in the sun. Prune the branches too long and repair the plant from the cold in winter. It is a perennial plant, rather rustic, which keeps full of fragrant leaves even until winter if the climate is favorable. In the spring it could let the branches of the previous year dry out, to give strength to the new soft jets.

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