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Chive Plant

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Generality of the Chive Plant:

The Chive Plant is native to Europe and the American continent. It looks like a dense tuft of tubular leaves, narrow and long, fleshy, with a pungent scent of garlic and onion, generally 30-40 cm tall; in spring, it produces decorative pink or purple globular flowers. The ground cover development allows the small plant to widen a lot with the passing of the years. The Chive plant favors loose and well-drained soils. This plant needs to be exposed to direct sunlight. During the cold months, water occasionally, moistening the soil every 25-30 days.

On-line Sale of the Chive plant, available in the following sizes:

  • Vase 7cm, Height: 10/15cm
  • Vase 14cm, Height: 20/30cm

On-line Sale Of the Chive plant, available in the following sizes:

  • Vase 7cm, Height: 10/15cm
  • Vase 14cm, Height: 20/30cm

Generality of the Chive Plant:

Chive plant is an aromatic plant well-known in Mediterranean cuisine, often grown and cut as needed, to maintain its flavor and freshness in dishes. Chive is a perennial bulbous plant with long, thin, smooth and tubular leaves, dark green in color. It is also used in place of the onion, as the taste is very similar, but much more aromatic and delicate. The flowering is composed of numerous pink or lilac flowers that bloom from spring to summer. Chives are cut thin leaves to flavor foods, with the great ability to form new leaves in a short time, after cutting. The leaves of this aromatic plant can be chopped or eaten fresh and they have an intense and pleasant aroma and smell. The chives can only be stored by freezing, in fact it is not recommended to keep it for drying because it would lose all its aromatic properties. In the kitchen it is widely used to flavor salads, meat, eggs, sauces and broths.

Cultivation and Care of the Chive Plant:

The plant prefers the cool climate. The ideal soil is soft, well drained, medium-fertilizing, with organic fertilizer. It likes a good exposure to the sun, even if, in the areas of the boot from the higher temperatures, it may also require a position in semi-darkness. Thunder phenomena may be sufficient in spring and autumn, so that the soil remains moist for a couple of times a week. In summer, however,it is possible to water daily so that the soil is only wet: the stagnations, in fact, lead to the rapid decay of the plant.

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