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Stephanotis Floribunda Plant Vase 7cm

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Generalities Plant Stephanotis Floribunda:

the plant of Stephanotis, known as the Madagascar jasmine is a delicious climbing plant, very decorative thanks not only to its leaves but also to its very fragrant flowers, often used to adorn racks or walls.The leaves are of a beautiful intense green color thick and leathery that grow paired on the stems. The flowers are formed in clusters at the axil of the leaves and are white, waxy, tubular and very fragrant. Normally it blooms from spring and all summer. 

Online Sale Plant Stephanotis Floribunda, available in the following formats :

  • jar 7cm, height 5/15cm

Online Sale Plant Stephanotis Floribunda, available in the following formats:

  • jar 7cm, height 5/15cm

Generalities Plant Stephanotis Floribunda:

The Stephanotis Floribunda plant is native to Madagascar, this evergreen shrub has fickle, thin and fleshy stems, which reach 3 m. and more in height and bearing ovate or ovate-elliptic, opposite, shiny, dark green colored leaves, up to 8 cm long, with a prominent and lighter central rib (ivory-colored). The flowers, white, waxy and particularly fragrant, are 4 cm long. and they have a funnel-shaped corolla with five large ovate-oblong lobes and the tube slightly bulging at the base, above the small, green calyx, with the sepals open. They bloom, gathered in umbrella-like tops, of 8-10 elements, which are formed, continuously from May to October, in the axil of the leaves. Their scent is reminiscent of tuberose. In open ground it can grow up to 4-5 m .; in a 50 cm pot. in diameter, up to 3 m. The stephanotis flowers are very reminiscent of the jasmine flowers, despite being larger and fleshy.

The name Stephanotis derives from the Greek Stephanos which literally means "which is used to make crowns". the plant has many popular names: some call it wax liana, others liana or crown of brides: for its perfume and its beauty it is often used as a decoration in hairstyles or wedding bouquets. It also appears to have been one of Marilyn Monroe's favorite flowers.

Cultivation and Care Plant Stephanotis Floribunda:

To have a good development it is advisable to place the madagascar jasmine in a partially shady place, protected from the wind and possibly close to a wall of the house, in order to also guarantee protection from the intense cold. Stephanotis can endure short periods of cold, but, in areas with very harsh winters, it is advisable to grow them in a temperate greenhouse or place them in a sheltered and warm place to be able to keep them during the colder season. Madagascar jasmine plants are often cultivated as apartment varieties, in this case it is good in winter to keep them at temperatures above 10-12 ° C, even if they can safely bear lower temperatures, for short periods, around 4-5 ° C, without serious or permanent damage. During flowering it is good to remember to avoid temperature changes, as they can cause the total or partial loss of the buds. From March to October it is advisable to water the Madagascar jasmine regularly, allowing the soil to dry slightly between one watering and another; water sporadically in winter.

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