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Dieffenbachia Camilla Plant Pot 12cm

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Generality of the Dieffenbachia plant:

Dieffenbachia is one of the best known and most widespread houseplants. In fact, many appreciate the beauty of its leaves (which can be found in a large number of shades) as well as the adaptability to the conditions that can be found in our homes.
A widespread plant in apartments, the dieffembachia exists in about thirty species, all native to South America; they have fleshy stems, erect or prostrate, on which large oval, pointed leaves develop, more or less leathery depending on the species.

  • jar 12cm, height 40cm

Dieffenbachia Plant Sale, available in the following formats:

  • jar 12cm, height40cm

Generality of the Dieffenbachia plant:

The leaves of the dieffenbachias have long petioles that partially envelop the stem; at the apex of the stems the new leaves initially develop protected by the small of the previous leaves. The characteristic of the foliage of these plants is the coloring, each of the cultivated dieffenbachia has differently variegated leaves, dotted, streaked with white, yellow, light green.
This is not often the case with potted specimens, but dieffenbachias flourish in nature, producing thin stems that carry a thin spatice and a spatice, both green, inconspicuous.The success of dieffenbachias in apartments is due to their great reliability, in fact they generally survive at best even in less than ideal conditions; unfortunately, an unsuitable cultivation leads over time to ruin most of the leaves, which may show less showy colors, dry up in the area near the tip, show dark spots.
Generally this type of foliage defects are resolved by cultivating the plant in the most suitable way. These are evergreen shrubs of tropical origin; in the areas of origin they are used to a constantly hot and humid climate; for this reason it will be good to keep them in good brightness even at home, avoiding direct sunlight: generally they are positioned in an area of ​​the room well exposed to the light of the windows, and in summer they move on the terrace, in a semi-shaded place.

Dieffenbachia Plant Cultivation and Care:

As with most plants grown in apartments, the key to good cultivation for dieffenbachia lies in the ambient humidity; as far as soil moisture is concerned, it is easy to intervene: it is sufficient to water regularly, waiting for the soil to dry, and then intensifying the watering before and thinning it out in winter.
With regard to environmental humidity, however, the needs of our plants are often difficult to satisfy; in fact, at home we often have a very dry climate, due to the air conditioning or heating system, especially in the case of underfloor heating; outdoors, the climate is less dry than at home, but our dieffenbachie will stay out of the house only in the warmer months, and it is known that the Italian summer is characterized by severe drought and many hours of strong sunshine. To overcome these problems it will be good to provide water also to the foliage of our dieffenbachia, as well as to the roots. To increase the environmental humidity, we will therefore be forced to steam the foliage often, with demineralized water; we can also place a container with gravel or expanded clay near the plant, always full of water. If we live in a very dry apartment, or we have always turned on the air conditioning, we can also consider the possibility of keeping a humidifier next to the plants, which will greatly benefit all our plants, both in summer and in winter. As with most indoor plants, we avoid in every way to place our dieffenbachia in a passage area, near a direct source of heat, near a window or door, from which it can receive blows. air.

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