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Mulberry Tree

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Generalities :

The Mulberry, white or black, becomes a tree up to 15 m white and 10 m black and equally wide, with rounded and expanded foliage (they are excellent for shading in summer), given by deciduous leaves up to 15 cm long , of a bright green color and with glabrous lower foil in the white mulberry, darker, toothed and with the hairy lower page in the black mulberry. Flowering, in April-May, is given by unisexual flowers in white (monoecious species) and both unisexual and hermaphrodite in black, however insignificant. The fruits ripen from May to July on white mulberry and from June to September on black: they visually resemble blackberries.

  • jar 16cm, height 110/130cm
  • jar 22cm, height 150/170cm
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The mulberry tree reaches 10-20 meters in height. In Italy there are mainly two varieties of the mulberry tree, the white mulberry, botanically known as Morus alba and the black mulberry, known as Morus nigra. The mulberry tree (whether white or black) does not need much care and can be easily grown in the garden for the production of blackberries, compound fruits. The mulberry was imported from the East for the breeding of the silkworm, more precisely, the black mulberry tree was imported from Persia (present-day Iran) and only later was the white mulberry also imported, imported from China in the Middle Ages. Blackberries produced from the mulberry tree have excellent properties and a sweet and juicy flavor. Fresh mulberry fruits are rich in nutrients and in the east they are famous for their medicinal properties. Mulberry fruits are rich in vitamins, antioxidant pigments and iron. Mulberry fruits are tonic and restorative, in folk medicine they are used as natural remedies for cough and cathar.

Cultivation and Care:

The mulberry tree could also be grown in the garden for its shading qualities: the leaves fall early at the dawn of autumn allowing the sun's rays to filter, on the contrary, the plant begins to fill with leaves in late spring, when the sun is still pleasant. It should not be watered, except in the first year after the plant so that it takes root well. It is fertilized every autumn with an organic fertilizer such as well-mature manure, dry manure, compost or humus.

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