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Khaki Chocolate Tree

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Chocolate kaki, like all khaki, can be grown in all regions of Italy, both in the plains and in the hilly areas, where the winters are not too harsh. Like any khaki, it is decorative in all seasons for the beautiful thick and shiny foliage and, especially in autumn, when the colorful fruits stand out on the bare branches.

  • jar  16cm, height 110/130cm
  • jar 22cm, height 150/170cm
Age Of The Plant


The "Chocolate" khaki plant (Caco) is an ancient tree from Asia (Apple of the East - Lotus of Japan), belonging to the Ebenacee family and one of the first fruit plants cultivated by man. Its fruits, oval in shape and slightly pointed towards the apex, are medium in size and yellow-orange in color, tending towards bronze when ripe. The pulp is very sweet and intense red in color. The fruits are harvested when they are still hard and ripened among the apples, they are eaten fresh by eating the pulp with a spoon and are excellent in the preparation of jams and creams.

Cultivation and Care :

This plant is suitable for the family orchard, because it is not subject to serious diseases and can bear fruit without pesticide treatments. The Chocolate kaki grows well in fertile soils and in hot positions in full sun. Between March and April it is possible to plant the persimmons so far cultivated in pots and therefore are not bare root. Since the plants bear fruit abundantly, in order to collect fairly large fruits, it is usually advisable to thin out at the end of the summer: only 3-4 fruits are left for each branch. The fruits are harvested in October, when the fruits have a nice dark orange color. These can be eaten immediately, when they are still quite hard, but after a few days, they will certainly be more delicious.

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