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Fig tree

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Generalities :

The common fig is a fruit tree of temperate subtropical climates belonging to the Moraceae family and to the genus ficus, which represents its most northern species; produces the fruit called fig. What is commonly believed to be the fruit is actually a large fleshy, pyriform infructescence, rich in sugars when ripe, called syconium varying in color from green to reddish to bluish-purplish, hollow, within which unisex flowers are enclosed , very small.

  • jar 16cm, height 120/160cm
  • jar 22cm, height 150/170cm
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Generalities :

The fig is one of the most common fruit trees in domestic orchards, especially in the regions of Southern Italy. It is a tree with an ancient tradition, in fact it is believed to have been one of the first domesticated and cultivated by man. It is a plant capable of giving great satisfaction in production terms, already a few years after the plant. Furthermore, being very long-lived, its production will last for a long time. Its fruits ripen at the end of the summer and are ideal for fresh consumption. In any case, it is also possible to prepare tasty preserves such as dried fig spreaders, to be consumed with confidence in the winter period.The leaves are arranged on the branches alternately. They are thick and consistent, wide and long up to 25-30 cm. Their surface is palmate-lobed. The flower buds are inserted in the axil of the leaves which, by opening, give rise to an inflorescence, called syconium. Hence the fruit. Figs are very particular, formed by fleshy sugar-rich receptacles, which with their peel cover and protect the real fruits, that is the seeds (or achenes). These are found immersed in a very sweet pulp.

Cultivation and Care:

The fig can be grown on a wide range of soils including sand, potting soil, bricks or limestone, provided it is deep enough for drainage. It is essential to pay close attention to the management of soil moisture: most of the roots are located close to the surface and are difficult to dry. It is also important to keep the acidity of the soil under control: a pH higher than 6.5 could compromise its luxuriance. As soon as planted, trees should be kept well watered until the plant has completely stabilized. It is advisable, then, to place it away from the sun and it is essential to pay particular attention to containing the roots without letting them spread freely to improve the water intake, especially during torrid periods. The figs are ready for harvest when the fruit breaks on the stem and the outer skin is well colored, so for a higher quality harvest it is necessary to wait for the fruits to fully ripen on the plant.

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