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Tree Peach Spring Crest

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The Pesco Sping Crest is obtained in Georgia, an early ripening, vigorous and productive tree. Medium fruit, spherical, intensely and extensively colored in bright red. Yellow flesh, very firm, with good gustatory characteristics and with a balanced flavor. It still remains a valid variety in its ripening period.

  • jar 16cm, height 120/160cm
  • jar 22cm, height 150/170cm
Age Of The Plant

Generalities :

Springcrest peach has a very early ripening and a very attractive appearance.Cultivar from Georgia at early ripening. The tree is of high vigor and productivity. It has an early flowering and a fair resistance to diseases. The fruit is spherical, medium-large in size with an intense red skin. The flesh is yellow, firm, with a balanced flavor, adhering to the core. It matures in the first decade of July and is kept for 10-15 days. It is eaten fresh or in syrup.

Cultivation and Care :

The Peach tree is very resistant and does not fear low temperatures or direct sunrays. The peach tree needs abundant irrigation and the soil in which it is grown must always have a fairly high humidity rate. The water allows the peach tree to have all the nutritional properties necessary for a correct flowering and therefore for the birth of more juicy fruits. It is important that irrigation is therefore very abundant especially during the hottest summer months and it is also possible to enrich its nourishment with the administration of mineral salts through specially made fertilizers to be administered both at the end of winter and in the period immediately preceding its vegetative restart.

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