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copy of Laurel plant

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Generalities of the Laurel plant:

The Laurel plant, also called Laurus nobilis, is an aromatic plant widespread in nature throughout the Mediterranean area. They are evergreen trees, which can reach ten meters in height. The Laurel plant produces a dense and dense vegetation, has a stem with dark bark, very branched, often also in the lower part, to give rise to a large roundish or elongated shrub; the foliage is evergreen, oval in shape, and dark green, leathery, very aromatic.

  • jar 7cm, height 5/15cm
  • jar 18cm, heght 40/60cm
  • jar 24cm, height 80/120cm

Online Sale of the Laurel Plant, available in the following sizes:

  • jar 7cm, height 5/15cm
  • jar 18cm, height 40/60cm
  • jar 24cm, height 80/120cm

Generalities of the Laurel plant:

he Laurel plant is typical of the areas bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. It can reach about 10 meters in height, it consists of a very dark and branched stem from which grow countless oval and very fragrant green leaves. It belongs to the type of dioecious plants, that is, there are plants that produce exclusively female flowers and others that produce exclusively male flowers. The first, following the birth of the inflorescences, between the summer and autumn seasons, develop into fruits formed by berries (containing only one seed each) which turn black at the time of ripening. Usually, this shrub is grown in order to use its foliage in the kitchen, within countless recipes. The laurel leaves, carried by a short petiole, are lanceolate, leathery, of a beautiful dark green with wavy edges and a glossy upper side while the lower one is a pale and opaque green-yellow. They are rich in resinous glands which give them the characteristic aroma. The aromatic properties of laurel are given by the essential oils particularly concentrated in the younger leaves (from 1 to 3%) and placed higher in the plant and berries (from 1 to 10%).
The components of the essential oils responsible for the aromatic fragrance of laurel are: geraniol, cineol, eugenol, terpineol, phellandrene, eucalyptol, pinene. The leaves can be eaten fresh or dried for culinary use. For drying they are placed in the shade, in an airy place and once dry they last about a year. After this period they lose most of their aroma and take on a bitter taste. The bay berries are dried in the oven at a low temperature and then stored in glass jars and have a much stronger and more robust flavor than the leaves.

Laurel Plant Cultivation and Care:

Laurel is a rustic species that can be grown easily and does not require precise care. It can be planted both in semi-shady or sunny places and for a few hours a day it is good to expose it to direct sunlight. In fact, it does not require a particular soil structure, it adapts to clayey and gravelly soils and does not need to be excessively deep. However it is good to know that water stagnation must be avoided, watering young specimens only from April to September, in such a way as to facilitate the formation of roots; adult shrubs draw the necessary water from the rains. Finally, it should be remembered that laurus resists cold, up to temperatures that are around - 15 ° C

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