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Juniperus Chinensis Kuriwao Gold plant

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Generality of the Juniperus Chinensis Kuriwao Gold plant:

Juniper Chinensis Kuriwao Gold is an evergreen shrub characterized by dense, vertical branches, dressed in pointed, blue-green leaves variegated with bright gold. It is a very resistant plant, which withstands any type of exposure.

  • jar 14cm, height 15/20cm

Online sale of the Juniperus Chinensis Kuriwao Gold plant, available in the following formats:

  • jar 14cm, height 15/20cm

Generality of the Juniperus Chinensis Kuriwao Gold plant:

The Juniperus chinensis Kuriwao Gold plant is an evergreen conifer with a conical and erect shape, pointed leaves of blue-silver color. Resistant to drought and cold, it prefers a sunny exposure, it is a rustic plant that does not require special care. The Chinese juniper is a perfect subject for the ancient art of bonsai. Due to its resistance, this variety is very suitable for mountain gardens. Grown for its foliage and shape, it is ideal as ground cover, for hedges, in rock gardens or as an isolated plant.

Juniperus Chinensis Kuriwao Gold Plant Care and Cultivation :

The type of soil suitable for the growth of the Juniperus Kuriwao Gold plant can be variable, the ones that give the best results are of the type: chalky, greasy, sandy and clayey. The growing medium can have a pH: acid, alkaline and neutral. Exposure to light can be in full sun, half shade, shade. The J. × has an excellent hardiness, in winter it resists temperatures over -25 °.

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