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Juniperus Chinensis Blue Alps plant

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Generalities of the Juniperus Chinensis Blue Alps plant:

The “Blue Alps” Juniper (Juniperus Chinensis Blue Alps) stands out among others for its bizarre posture: bushy in shape, it creates elegantly hanging and arched erect branches towards the ends. Its needles are a beautiful silver-blue. Like the other Juniperus it is not at all demanding in terms of soil, it resists the cold, loves exposure to the sun or in partial shade. It can grow to over 2.5 meters in height. Also excellent for making bonsai, macrobonsai and forms of topiary art.

  • jar 14cm, height 15/20cm

Online Sale Juniperus Chinensis Blue Alps Plant, available in the following formats:

  • jar 14cm, height 15/20cm

Generalities of the Juniperus Chinensis Blue Alps plant :

Juniperus chinensis Blue Alps is a dwarf conifer native to China and Japan, belonging to the cupressaceae family. It is a juniper with an erect and flared bearing, the ends of the branches are drooping and has a dense blue-gray needle-like foliage with silver reflections that stand out particularly in the sun and in winter with frost. It does not develop any pine cones but the notes of juniper berries, used both in the kitchen and in medicine and herbal medicine. Juniperus chin. Blue Alps is characterized by a very slow and quite contained growth, in fact over the years, it can reach about 100 cm in height and in diameter, this allows you to forget about the pruning of the foliage and to cultivate it also in pots, to adorn balconies and terraces . Very resistant to diseases and cold, this juniper shows a good longevity, and adapts well to different types of soil and exposure, even if it prefers well-drained soils and sunny positions..

Juniperus Chinensis Blue Alps Plant Care and Cultivation :

The type of soil suitable for the growth of the Juniperus Chinensis Blue Alps plant can be variable, those that give the best results are of the type: chalky, greasy, sandy and clayey. The growing medium can have a pH: acid, alkaline and neutral. Exposure to light can be in full sun, half shade, shade. The J. × has an excellent hardiness, in winter it resists temperatures over -25°.

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