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Generality of the Cypress Plant:

The cypress is a long-lived and very tall tree, often used as an ornamental tree. The cypress tree (or Cupressus) is a conifer of the Cupressaceae family, of the evergreen type. Some species are native to Turkey, northern Iran and Cyprus, others come from the area of ​​Mexico and California. It has leaves similar to scales and overall assumes the characteristic conical shape. The fruits are cone-shaped pine cones that remain on the plant even for years. The flowers are not very visible

  • jar 24cm, height 150 cm

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  • jar 24cm, height 150 cm

Generality of the Cypress Plant  :

Cypress is an evergreen tree belonging to the Cupressaceae family. About 100 different species belong to the latter. Overall they are very resistant plants and known for the powerful and refined characteristics that distinguish them. It is also present as bonsai. Cypress, a specific quality of conifer, is a tree that can reach a height of about 50 meters. It is divided into two varieties: the horizzontalis variety, with branches positioned perpendicular to the trunk; the pyramidalis variety, on the other hand, has small and large branches closer to the trunk. Its ramifications are all, generally, very long and develop mainly in height. The qualities of its leaves are very characteristic: they appear very similar to scales. Taken as a whole, they give the conifer a cone shape, more or less rounded depending on the reference species. The presence of knots on the trunk, often visible, is due to the environmental characteristics of the place where it lives, the surrounding vegetation and the care received. The wood of the Cypress, widely used for various uses, has a powerful peppery smell. The flowers of the Cypress are very little showy and grouped in unisexual inflorescences.

Cypress Plant Care and CultivationCypress Plant Care and Cultivation :

The Cypress is an evergreen conifer very resistant to low temperatures, in fact, it resists a minimum of -20 ° C. The climate preferred by the Cypress, is a warm-temperate climate, even arid. It is a tree that loves positions in the sun, but does not respond very well to seasons characterized by continuous frosts and intense rains. Since the Cypress belongs to a rustic species, it is able to grow even in poor soils or cypress forms very arid bonsaim. Watering must be carried out with extreme regularity because, although it tolerates drought periods well, it always needs a sufficiently moist soil.

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