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copy of Caper Plant

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Generality of the Caper Plant:

The caper plant is a perennial plant with a climbing or sagging habit, they also grow in the walls. The buds of these plants are the famous capers used in gastronomy. It can reach one meter in height, the leaves are dark green; the flowers are large, white or pink, very showy, they bloom in summer. Caper plants need very sunny positions to develop at their best; they are Mediterranean plants and they love very hot summers and mild winters, even if they can endure short periods of not too intense frost. They don't require large quantities of water.

On-line Sale of the Caper plant, available in the following sizes:

  • Vase 7cm, Height: 10/15cm
  • Vase 14cm, Height: 20/30cm
  • Vase 18cm, Height: 30/50cm

On-line Sale Of the Caper plant, available in the following sizes:

  • Vase 7cm, Height: 10/15cm
  • Vase 14cm, Height: 20/30cm
  • Vase 18cm, Height: 30/50cm

Generality of the Caper Plant:

The caper is a typical Mediterranean plant, it prefers heat and drought, but it's very sensitive to moisture and water stagnation. It is cultivated mainly in Southern Italy because it requires a lot of sun and it's afraid of frost. The caper is called Capparis spinosa and is part of the family of capparidacee. The part that we all know and that is used in the kitchen more often is its bud, from which the flower is born, where it subsequently consumes its fruit. It is a shrub that grows even among the old walls and loves stony soils, it forms a bush with a drooping bearing and its bloom is an explosion of white flowers that colors the landscape. Its characteristic strong and pleasantly salty flavor lends itself particularly to the combination with tomato and is therefore widespread in red sauces or pizza.

Cultivation and Care of the Caper Plant:

The Caper's Plant grows well in arid, stony soils or between the cracks in the walls, for this reason, therefore, it doesn't require abundant water. For the plants that are in the ground the regular annual rains are sufficient, while for the plants of capers in pot it is important to water only when the earth has been dry for two days. In addition, the caper plant grows well with little water and lots of sun; an important factor is direct exposure and hot temperatures, around 30-35 degrees in summer and never below 10 degrees in winter.

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