'Leucocarpa' Olive Tree Pot 10cm, H120 / 130cm

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Leucocarpa, also called Leucolea or olive tree of the Madonna, is an ancient olive cultivar that survives in the wild especially in Calabria and has the particularity of presenting white fruits. Before veraison the olives appear a beautiful green color, like those of other varieties, but subsequently the exocarp does not pigment, it remains white.

  • Vase: 22cm, Height: 150/170cm


Usually, in fact, at the moment of veraison inside the fruits there is a degradation of the chlorophyll and an increase in the production of anthocyanins that give the olives their characteristic black-blue color. In Leucocarpa, on the other hand, the synthesis of pigments is blocked and in the face of a decrease in chlorophyll there is no increase in anthocyanins.A level of productivity and nutritional and organoleptic profile, Leucocarpa does not have particularly interesting aspects and can be assimilated to a large number of cultivar on the market today. The oil instead of being yellow-green is white, transparent, and for this reason it has a lower production of smoke when burned. It was therefore used in church lights to avoid soiling the walls with lampblack.

Cultivation and Care:

The Olive Tree Leucocarpa, more than the minimum winter temperatures, however, fears sudden changes in temperature that can cause cracks in the trunks and branches. Some parts of the plant are particularly sensitive to the action of frost: the leaves, the buds and the bark. The latter is torn not only in the twigs, but also in the larger branches and in the trunk. The olive tree is a plant that prefers arid environments while it fears excessive humidity, except in spring, in correspondence with the maximum vegetative activity. Calcareous and dry soils are ideal, but good productions can also be obtained in clayey soils, if well drained, and in sandy ones, as long as they are sufficiently irrigated.

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