Anthurium ellipticum Jungle Bush plant

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Generality of the Anthurium ellipticum Jungle Bush plant:

One of the most particular houseplants is the anthurium or anthurium: here are our directions to get to know it better and to start growing this beautiful plant.


  • JAR 14cm, HEIGHT  70cm

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  • JAR 14cm, HEIGHT 70cm

Generality of the Anthurium ellipticum Jungle Bush plant:

Anthurium is a plant native to tropical areas and belongs to the Araceae family. It is generally considered a houseplant, given that in our part of Italy it is difficult to find a suitable climate to favor its growth.
The characteristic of this plant is the presence of the spathe, a sort of upside-down leaf of bright color, from which the spadix, an elongated spike with hermaphrodite flowers, emerges. It is estimated that there are at least 500 different species of anthurium, distinguished by colors and shapes.

Anthurium ellipticum Jungle Bush Plant Care and Cultivation:

Before buying a plant of this type, it is necessary to consider that it needs particular climatic conditions: very high temperatures and a good degree of humidity. In winter, the temperature should never drop below 15 °, so it is really unlikely that this plant will stay in the garden. Furthermore, the strong changes in temperature can be dangerous for its very survival. Choose a place sheltered from drafts, bright but not exposed to direct sunlight. For the soil, mix equal parts garden soil, sand and peat. Water abundantly and be sure to place some expanded clay in the saucer, where you will pour a little water to ensure the right level of humidity. Before flowering, you can water up to 2 times a day in very hot weathe..

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