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Codiaeum Plant Pot 30cm

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Generality of the Codiaeum plant:

Croton or Codiaeum is an easy-to-grow houseplant highly appreciated for its decorative and varied foliage. Croton is a shrubby plant belonging to the Euphorbiacee family native to India and Malaysia cultivated in our latitudes for ornamental purposes.

  • jar 30cm, height 130cm

Sale of the Codiaeum plant, available in the following formats:

    Vase 30cm, Height 130cm

Generality of the Codiaeum plant:

The plant, depending on the variety, has asymmetrical leaves attached to the stem by means of a short and robust petiole; the leaf lamina is presented in various spiral shapes, ribbon-like or slightly rolled and in different shades of color ranging from more or less intense green, to red to yellow and brown. The flowers, rather showy but not very decorative white inflorescences sprout inside a cup formed by 5 bracts.
Codiaeum Plant Cultivation and Care:

It is a tropical plant that should be grown in bright environments but not exposed to direct sunlight to avoid serious burns to the leaves. The environment must have an adequate degree of humidity and a constant temperature of about 18 ° C; loves humid environments with average temperatures around 18 ° and not less than 13 °. Areas facing radiators, stoves, fireplaces or entrance doors should be avoided. It grows well in moist, slightly acidic and well-drained soils. As an optimal growing medium to be preferred is a mixture consisting of about 2/3 of universal soil, 1/3 third of humus or compost or leaf soil, and a handful of sand. Water supplies must be regular and abundant throughout the year, using water at room temperature and preferably rainwater. The soil must always be kept moist but never soggy to avoid the onset of root rot. In summer, weekly nebulizations should also be practiced. In the winter months, on the other hand, watering should be reduced and therefore only practiced so as not to let the soil dry out.

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