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Who We Are

Our Company
Mondo Piante is a company born in 2014, from the idea of ​​allowing any customer to comfortably receive the plants present in our nursery. The two founders didn't yet think that their small company would become the number one online specialist in Italy for garden plants. A few years later we are proud to show our center of floriculture extended over 8 thousand meters of greenhouses. We produce plants in different sizes, from those common to the rarest varieties. The mild climate of the whole year, which characterizes the location of our company, allows us to reduce heating costs by obtaining plants at an extremely competitive cost. Today Mondo Piante is present in 4 European countries and in our offices there are colleagues who work to offer you only the best!
We are a young team and we grow very quickly to be able to offer an increasingly quality service: professionalism and competence.
Mondo Piante is the expert in gardening that allows you to order and receive your purchases directly at your home! Can't you find it fantastic? you no longer need to rent a van!
We like to describe ourselves like this:
We are the specialist in online gardening and we offer you:

-CHOICE: with over 300 varieties of plants and trees on the site, you're sure to find exactly what you need (and at the right price)!
-ASSISTANCE: to help you choose well among all our products, we offer advice, expert tips and lots of ideas to inspire you!
-COMFORT: finding and buying all the products needed to carry out your project in the same place is wonderful; and then, if this place is a website and allows you to proceed with purchases at any time of the day or night, even comfortably, from the couch of your house, it's even more wonderful! If we add that your products will be delivered to you where you prefer, you have no excuse to postpone your projects!
And to guarantee the best shopping experience, we are present from the beginning to the end!
-Our Customer Service is here and he is always ready to help you at all stages of the purchasing process to make sure everything is ok.
- We offer expert advice, advice on plants to buy and quick estimates. We also have gardening enthusiasts ready to share their passion with you!
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