The Aloe Vera plant probably comes from North Africa. It is a succulent plant, '' desert plant '' used for centuries as a natural remedy to treat many diseases related to the health of the peoples who used it.
The Aloe represented the plant of immortality for the Egyptians: it was placed at the entrance of the pyramids to indicate to the deceased Pharaohs the path to the land of the dead. In the "Papyrus of Ebers" there is a very detailed botanical description of Aloe vera and a long list of its healing properties.
Aloe juice was a fundamental ingredient of the secret mixture used for the mummification of the Egyptian sovereigns and it seems that Cleopatra, famous for its goat milk baths, ordered to add aloe in the massage creams or to finely chop it to obtain eye drops to brighten the color of his eyes.
Some propitiatory potions of Egyptian mythology required Aloe juice and even today in Egypt this succulent plant is placed in front of the house door to ensure happiness and protection. In Ayurvedic medicine Aloe vera is defined as a friend of women and even today Aloe gel is a very effective tonic for female disorders, as well as an excellent liver detoxifier.
The Aloe Vera plant has always been used both as an external gel applied to the skin and internally as a drink based on aloe vera juice. Recent studies also attribute possible anti-cancer properties to Aloe, but to have a concrete certainty we will have to wait for more detailed research: potentially Aloe could block some cellular reactions that lead to the formation of pre-cancerous forms. Aloe gel is an excellent moisturizer for skin and hair.

Keep in mind that to have a suitable Aloe Vera gel to use as a natural remedy your Aloe Vera plant will have to be ripe, that is, it must be at least 3 years old.
All the operations for extracting the juice must be carried out as far as possible from light sources, to avoid the oxidation of some active ingredients and thus cancel some properties.
Cut the Aloe Vera leaf from your plant from the bottom.
Clean the leaves with a slightly damp sponge, remove the thorns from the edges of the leaves, cut them and peel them, to remove the external fibers and extract the central part (internal thread) translucent, squeeze it and take it.

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