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Cedar Tree Hand of Buddha

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Generalities :

The Hand of Buddha Cedar is a variety of cultivated cedar for ornamental purposes for the beauty of its particular hand-shaped fruits and for phytotherapeutic purposes for the beneficial properties of its thick rind also rich in a miraculous essential oil to combat cellulite.

  • jar 22cm,height 150/170cm

Generalities :

The Mani di Buddha cedar is a variety of cedar from the Rutaceae family from Asia widespread mainly in India and Bhutan. The plant characterized by a shrubby development can even exceed 4 meters in height. On the smooth, brown-greenish trunk, young reddish or violet twigs originate, covered with large green leaves and large sharp thorns even a few centimeters long. During the flowering period, large, intensely fragrant flowers appear and gathered in clusters. The buds are reddish while open they are white. The fruits, yellow and even more than 30 centimeters long, are composed of numerous finger-shaped protuberances due to a genetic malformation that causes the segments to develop separately. The skin of the Buddha's Hand, very rough and thick, makes up about 70% of the fruit. The pulp of this cedar variety compared to other citrus fruits is pleasantly sweet but not very juicy.

Cultivation and Care:

The Buddha Mani Cedar, like all citrus fruits, prefers a mild climate and exposure in sunny places sheltered from the wind. It fears the cold and night frosts. Likes soft, loose, well-drained soil. The plant grown as a home generally should be watered only during periods of prolonged drought and in any case like the one grown in pots only when the soil is completely dry. The home-grown plant must be fertilized with mature manure during autumn or late winter, while for the one grown in pots it is recommended to distribute a slow-release fertilizer specific for citrus fruits or lupine powder at the base.

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