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copy of Grapefruit tree

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Generalities Grapefruit tree:

Grapefruit is a particular citrus fruit native to the Barbados islands. Evergreen tree with green and lanceolate leaves. In spring it produces very fragrant white flowers followed by very large fruits, with a juicy pulp and a bitter taste, appreciated for the production of large and juicy fruits rich in vitamin C

  • jar 22cm, Altezza 150/170cm

Sale of Grapefruit Tree, available in the following formats:

  • jar 22cm, height 150/170cm

Sale of Grapefruit Tree, available in the following formats:

Grapefruit, Citrus paradisi, is an evergreen plant of the Rutaceae family native to Central America that is grown in Florida, South Africa and Argentina. In Italy, grapefruit cultivation is widespread in Liguria, Campania, Calabria and all the islands. Grapefruit is a perennial plant with a robust tap root system that extends to more than one meter in depth. The trunk, erect and slender, is covered with a thin and smooth green-greyish bark. The foliage variously branched and with a rounded shape is characterized by a thick foliage. The leaves are ovate - lanceolate are shiny, leathery, dark green and rather large. Each leaf is provided with a winged petiole and a flexible axillary spine even more than 3 cm long.The flowers of the grapefruit plant, similar to those of orange, lemon and other citrus fruits, have a corolla composed of colored ligulates White. The flowers are usually gathered in cluster inflorescences that bloom mostly on the leaf axils. Grapefruit fruits, called grapefruits, are particular and large berries called hesperides formed externally by a smooth yellow skin very rich in essential oils. Immediately under the peel is the mesocarp, white in color and with a spongy consistency. Finally, inside the fruit there is the endocarp divided into 11-14 membranous segments which contain the pulp, with a sour-bitter taste, usually yellow, or pink-red in some varietiesi.

Grapefruit Tree Cultivation and Care:

Grapefruit loves sunny places for many hours a day and sheltered from winds. It fears the cold and night frosts, it suffers from too high temperatures and sultry heat. In areas with too harsh climates, it is recommended to grow grapefruit in large pots so that it can be repaired before winter arrives. It prefers loose soil, rich in organic matter and very well drained. The ideal growing medium is a medium-textured soil consisting of common garden soil mixed with coarse gravel and sand. The grapefruit plant is generally satisfied with rains but during periods of prolonged drought and in summer it is advisable to water the plant regularly if the soil is too arid and dry. Irrigation is essential from setting up to the complete development of the fruit.

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