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Thunder Almond Tree

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The Tuono Almond Tree is a plant of Apulian origin with medium-early maturation with little vigorous tree, expanded bearing, fruiting carried only on the bunches and high productivity. The fruit has medium dimensions, elliptical-elongated shape, with open ventral suture, raised dorsal suture, light brown color and with wrinkled shell and large pores. The taste is good and can have double seeds which depreciate their value.

  • jar 16cm, height 120/160cm
  • jar 22cm, height 150/170cm
Age Of The Plant


Cultivation and Care Almond Tree ThunderOf all the almond trees, the thunder one of those that blooms later. Its productivity is high, yielding fruits with a semi-hard shell and a large, pointed almond with excellent flavor. We can therefore say that the quality of the Almond Thunder is an excellent quality, lending itself better to confectionery production and in particular to that of nougat. The plant itself is self-fertile.

Cultivation and Care :

The Almond Tree is one of those plants that manage to develop without problems within any type of soil: in any case, it owes its preference to all those light soils that do not have a high level of humidity; it is a plant that does not need to live in environments with particular climatic conditions, taking advantage of its great ease of adaptation to any type of soil. In fact, the almond tree is able to develop without particular problems both within places characterized by typically warm climates, as well as growing well even in areas with colder climates, since it has the particular ability to resist up to temperatures that also drop by 15-20 degrees Celsius below the zero level and, at the same time, also has good resistance to drought.

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