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Schinus molle tree

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Generalities Schinus molle tree:

Schinus molle is an evergreen, dioecious [1] tree, usually 5 to 7 meters high and equally broad, commonly known as pink pepper or false pepper. It is native to the highlands of Bolivia, Peru, Chile; in our latitudes it grows to medium size. It is much appreciated for its shape, similar to that of the willow, with supple branches that harmoniously almost reach the ground; it is also very appreciated for the fragrant essence that characterizes every part of the plant

Online sale Schinus molle tree, available in the following formats:

  • Potted Tree Size: 160 / 180cm
  • Vase 15x15x20cm erected on reed
Vase Size
  • Vase 7cm
  • Vase 18cm
  • Albero In Vaso da 15x15x20

Online sale Schinus molle tree, available in the following sizes:

  • Potted Tree Size: 160 / 180cm
  • Vase 15x15x20cm erected on reed

Generalities Schinus molle tree:

Schinus molle is a small evergreen tree native to South America, the false pepper is also widespread in North America and Africa. It has an erect, single or multiple stem, very branched, with a slightly pendulous posture and a wide, quite disordered crown; the bark is gray in the young specimens, with the passing of the years it tends to come off in flakes, and to show red-bronzaceous areas; the leaves are large, pinnate-compound, 20-25 cm long, with lanceolate, dark green leaflets. In summer it produces panicles of small whitish flowers, which bloom at the leaf axil; in autumn the flowers give way to fruits: small round berries of a bright red color, very similar to pepper. All parts of the plant contain a very fragrant essential oil, with a smell similar to that of pepper, used in herbal medicine.
The aroma is similar to that of pepper, but with a sweeter note. It goes very well with fresh cheeses, poultry, fish, vegetables and is excellent for flavoring sauces. In Latin America they are commonly used to flavor wines and edible oils. It also becomes part of the bouquet of many perfumes and is widely used in aromatherapy

Schinus molle tree cultivation and care:

These plants love very bright and sunny positions, they can be planted even in partial shade; Schinus molle trees can withstand a few degrees below zero, but during particularly harsh winters it is good to protect them, especially as regards young specimens.These plants endure even long periods of drought without problems, to have abundant flowering is however, it is advisable to water regularly, especially in the first two to three years after planting the plant.

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