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copy of Aloe Vera Variegated Plant Pot 12cm

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Generality of Aloe Vera Succulent Plant:

Aloe Vera has been known for centuries for its medicinal properties and it is curious that modern research has confirmed the validity of what was already done more than a thousand years ago. The references of ethnobotany on Aloe vera are very numerous and we can retrace the most significant stages in the history of this plant. The Assyrians used the juice of Sibaru, "a plant whose leaves resembled sheaths of knives", ie the juice of Aloe, as an antidote to the ingestion of spoiled foods and to reduce abdominal swelling.

  • jar 12cm, height 40cm

Sale of Aloe Vera Succulent plant, available in the following formats:

  • jar 12cm, hright 40cm

Generality of Aloe Vera Succulent Plant:

Aloe vera is one of the best known and most used plants in diets to lose weight and to purify yourself of waste and its benefits are undoubted, it is also one of the oldest and most versatile plants: its uses in the kitchen are truly numerous. due to the easy availability of the original plant (Aloe barbadensis Miller, belonging to the Liliaceae family), which can be grown in optimal conditions even in our homes and from it you can mainly obtain a gel that is excellent for epidermal treatments. Its origins are very ancient, the Greek population already used it as a disinfectant and it has often been used by many peoples not only for its countless properties but also as a symbol of good luck. With a characteristic bitter taste, the active ingredients of aloe vera are now used to develop a series of supplements that can bring benefits in the presence of digestive disorders, in case of need for detoxification or as stimulants for the immune system. commercial forms of aloe vera and range from supplement tablets to topical creams, however, the simplest form through which it can be consumed is not well known, although it is the most effective. Aloe vera juice, in fact, represents a valid alternative to gel and is obtained from it, with a process in which the juice derives, through a cold stabilization, from the direct squeezing of the gel, which, in turn, is extracted directly from the leaves.

Cultivation and Care of Aloe Vera Succulent Plant:

Aloe therefore loves sunny positions or in any case in the light; some varieties of alee, however, do not like the direct midday sun so much that they tend to change the color of their leaves from green to red due to the stress to which they are subjected.The optimal temperature for aloe vera is between 20 and 30 degrees and cannot stay in environments with temperatures below zero because otherwise the water contained in the aloe leaves would freeze thus leading to the death of the plant due to thermal shock. Aloe vera therefore needs to be protected and repaired in the winter and this is also why it is a perfect plant for the home. Aloe vera prefers slightly acidic soils with excellent drainage because it suffers extremely from water stagnation. A good practice is to put a layer of gravel of at least 2 or 3 centimeters on the bottom of the pot to allow excess water not to remain inside the pot, causing root rot. Watering must therefore be scarce and it is advisable to allow a few days to pass in which the soil is essentially dry before giving water to the aloe plant.e.

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