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Aglaonema Silver plant

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Generalities of the Aglaonema Silver plant:

Aglaonema Silver plants are very popular in our homes, characterized by very decorative green leaves streaked with white. It produces inflorescences similar to the calla flower.

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  • jar 24cm, height 50/60cm

Aglaonema Silver plant for sale, available in the following sizes:

  • jar 24cm, height 50/60cm

Generality of the Aglaonema Silver plant:

The Aglaomorpha coronans plant is a splendid medium-large fern with short or medium-sized, branched rhizomes.It creates beautiful baskets and hanging pots with leaves that can reach up to one meter in length.

Aglaonema Silver Plant Cultivation and Care:

Aglaonema plants with variegated leaves need to be placed in bright areas, the others also tolerate semi-shaded ones. All fear too high temperatures and direct sun rays, they prefer a soft soil, rich in organic matter and well drained with the addition of sand and peat. Water abundantly in summer; during the period of vegetative rest, watering should be done only when the soil has been completely dry for many days.

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