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Tillandsia Cyanea plant - Airplant Spiral

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Generalità Pianta Tillandsia:

Tillandsia (also known as "daughter of the air") is a plant that belongs to the large family of Bromeliads and has very particular characteristics, which distinguish it well in this broad panorama.

  • height 15cm

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  • height15cm

Generality of the Tillandsia plant:

Thanks to the peculiar characteristics of the leaves (thorny or without thorns, pubescent or flaky, linear, lanceolate or filiform) and also thanks to the anatomical and physiological characteristics of the plant itself, the genus Tillandsia is able to adapt perfectly to any type of environment.
They are not plants that fear particularly adverse climatic conditions: they are able, for example, to adapt perfectly even to the driest and most arid climates, thanks to the leaves, which are able to retain moisture directly from the atmosphere. This means that the adaptability, even with regard to the terrain, is truly incredible ..

Cultivation and Care of the Tillandsia Plant:

Tillandsia is native to the American continent: present both in the central belt of the New Continent and in the southernmost areas of Latin America, where the tropical climate reigns. In these areas there are many species of Tillandsia, which feed on environmental humidity.
They are plants not only very strong and resistant, but also very beautiful and that always manage to get noticed: the leaves arranged in a rosette of some species form a large cup (rainwater is collected here), while the flowers appear throughout their beauty touching very different chromatic shades depending on the species. Each fruit contains three winged seeds in its capsule.

Once every 10/15 days, immerse the plant in water (even tap water) at room temperature for 10/20 seconds or simply wet it under the tap. Shake the plant so that excess water comes out of the plant in order to avoid stagnation and let it dry for a few minutes.

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