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copy of Sanseveria Plant Composition, Ceramic Vase

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Generality of the Sanseveria plant:

It is a very common houseplant, it is often placed in a beautiful vase or pot holder to make it a pleasant piece of furniture. Being space-saving and requiring little care, it is perfect as an office plant and for public establishments such as shops, bars, restaurants, etc. Sansevieria (also called Sanseveria or Sansevera) belongs to the Liliacee family and the genus includes about 50 species native to tropical and subtropical Africa and south-eastern Asia.


  • jar14cm, height 35cm

Sanseveria plant for sale, available in the following formats:

  • jar 14cm, height 35cm

Generality of the Sanseveria plant:

The genus Sansevieria (generally called Sanseveria) includes perennial herbaceous plants that we often find in our homes and offices both because they are cultivated very easily and for their undisputed beauty.It is a plant that is well suited to apartment life: beautiful to look at, practical and robust, it furnishes and also has a nice meaning. It is a plant that purifies the air from chemical and formal agents, therefore in addition to elegantly furnishing it has this important property suitable for our well-being. The Sanseviera can basically be divided into two types: with straight and lanceolate leaves and with leaves that develop in a rosette. In both species the leaves are consistent and fleshy and come to life from a large, generally underground stem which acts as a reserve organ.

Sanseveria Plant Cultivation and Care:

Sansevieria tolerates high temperatures well. During the summer months it also tolerates temperatures of 30 degrees. During the inveno, care must be taken that the thermometer does not drop below 3 ° C for more than two days in a row, because the leaves can be damaged. Sansevieria loves light, except for a few species that prefer shade. as far as water needs are concerned, Sansevieria must be treated like a succulent plant, therefore it must be watered only when the soil dries up, otherwise the rhizome would rot. Especially during the winter, watering should not exceed once a month. Another system is the following: The soil should be kept slightly moist and one of the best ways is to partially immerse the pot every week, for half an hour, in a container containing water; in winter, the operation must only be performed every 20/25 days to avoid the danger of rot phenomena, which are very frequent for these plants. It is best not to be placed where there are drafts. The most suitable soil for Sansevieria is composed of a mixture of well sifted lawn earth, leaf earth and sand in equal parts. Repotting is carried out between February and March, while the multiplication is carried out by dividing the tufts between February and beef or by leaves, in a greenhouse, burying fragments of about 8 cm in very sandy soil. The Sanseveria is repotted in the months of March - April, in that period the pot becomes too small compared to the roots. A fertile soil must be used. In the bottom of the pot you can place some pieces of earthenware that ensure optimal drainage. If repotting is not carried out, the soil on the surface must be removed (about 3 cm) and replaced with new soil.

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