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copy of Marigold seeds

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Generality of the Incense Plant:

Calendula officinalis is a typical plant of the Mediterranean region, with bright orange flowers. The beautiful flower heads of marigold are widely used in the production of natural cosmetics or other very effective home remedies.
In addition to the beauty of its flowers, calendula is known for its healing properties such as the ability to moisturize, soothe and anti-inflammatory. Precisely for this reason it is possible to obtain the raw material for shampoos, body creams, balms perfect for cosmetics and delicate on the skin from the natural marigold macerates.

- Sachet of 5-10 grams

On-line Sale Of the Marigold seeds, available in the following sizes:

  • Sachet of 5-10 grams

Marigold flowers are particularly rich in flavonoids, with emollient, soothing and moisturizing functions. For this reason, calendula-based products are ideal for those suffering from dry skin, cracking or delicate and easily reddened skin.

Cultivation and Care of the Marigold seeds:

The sowing of the calendula can be done either in the ground or in pots. The soil must be worked and a fairly soft, moist and light soil is preferred. The seeds should be spaced 3-4 times their diameter. After having proceeded with the sowing, we move on to a light sprinkling watering or with a normal sprayer so as not to move the small seeds and then proceed with compacting the soil and eliminating any air bubbles. During germination, the soil must be kept constantly moist without exceeding. Germination times vary from plant to plant.

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