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copy of Rue Plant

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Generality of the Rue Plant:

Rue is a perennial herbaceous plant with herbaceous stems rather ramified up to one meter high. The leaves are three-hectares divided into very fragrant lacinias, used in the kitchen and to flavor the grappa. The flowers are small, inconspicuous, yellow, brought by apical inflorescences in corymbus. The fruits are capsules containing numerous seeds. In the kitchen a sprig of rue is traditionally used to flavor the grappa or the fresh leaves can be used to give more flavor to other dishes, making it a moderate use. Care must be taken because if taken in excessive quantities this plant can be toxic.

On-line Sale of the Rue plant, available in the following sizes:

  • Vase 14cm, Height: 20/30cm
Vase Size
  • Vase 7cm
  • Vase 18cm

On-line Sale Of the Rue plant, available in the following sizes:

  • Vase 14cm, Height: 20/30cm

Generality of the Rue Plant:

Rue is a plant widely used as a flavoring liqueur, to flavor different dishes and for its therapeutic properties: sedative, digestive, carminative, vermifuge. As such, it reduces swellings, has an anti-inflammatory action and is a known remedy in the treatment of injuries caused by sports accidents. Furthermore, it calms the nervous system, soothes cramps and eases painful conditions. With the exception of the root, all parts of the plant harvested during flowering are used. Rue can also be used in the kitchen. In small quantities, in salads (fresh leaves) or to flavor oil, vinegar or meat dishes. At home, to keep the rats away, you can arrange some fresh rue branches in places where you suspect their presence. The aroma that emanates is unpleasant to the rodents but also to the mosquitoes, so it is grown in the gardens. The presence of rue in the garden keeps vipers away too. The terminal parts of the most tender plant and the leaves collected from May to August are used. They can also be used dried.

Cultivation and Care of the Rue Plant:

Rue has no particular necessity. The ideal ground for the rue plant is of medium mixture, free from water stagnations and rich in coarse material. In nature, the rue plant grows on dry soils, poor in organic substance and mainly stony. The optimal position for the growth of the plant in rue is in full sun, so it is fine to leave it in full sunlight, so that the flowers can hatch at best. The planting provides for the cultivation of plants spaced at least 60cm from each other. The collection of leaves for fresh use should be carried out before the plant is flowered.

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