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Mapo tree

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The Mapo tree is a hybrid born from the spectacular crossing of two citrus fruits, the Duncan grapefruit and the Avana mandarin. It belongs to the Rutaceae family and has a rapid, vigorous growth, managing to reach a height of about 12 meters. Its fruits have a very thin skin that remains mostly green even when fully ripe. The uniform yellow-orange pulp has a pleasantly acidic flavor. It is a tree of medium-strong vigor, with an expanded globular habit, with branches tending to bend downwards and presenting thorns only on the more vigorous ones.

  • jar 22cm, height 150/170cm


The mapo, belonging to the Tangelo species, to the Rutaceae family and to the Citrus genus, is a hybrid born from the spectacular crossing of two citrus fruits, the Duncan grapefruit and the Avana mandarin. It is a tree that grows vigorously and very quickly up to even twelve meters in height, characterized by a crown that can expand up to nine meters, with partly strong branches full of thorns but also rather weak branches and roots, many dense, tend to develop in depth. Bees are particularly attracted to the white flowers of this plant, producing honey, as they are pleasantly scented. The flowering period of the mapo occurs around the end of winter / early spring and requires pollinators belonging to its same genus as it is self-sterile. This plant also undergoes the alternation of production. The fruits weigh from one hundred and thirty to one hundred and ninety grams and are large berries, also called hesperidium. They are characterized by a globular, pear-shaped appearance and a protuberance placed at the upper end of the fruit. The endocarp is covered with a very thin and smooth skin that peels off easily. Furthermore, even when it reaches maturity it has an intense green color. The pulp is divided into very juicy yellow / orange segments, very fragrant and with acidic hints typical of the mandarin, the presence of seeds is variable.

Cultivation and Care :

The Mapo tree, being plants of tropical origin, have particular needs towards the climate; in fact, in order to obtain a valid commercial production, it must be warm, sufficiently humid, with mild winters and without large temperature variations, even if a moderate presence of the latter allows in the Mediterranean areas the appearance of anthocyanin and carotenoid pigments, responsible for the color in oranges and mandarins, which is impossible, due to their absence, in the tropical areas of origin. They generally carry out their vegetative activity at temperatures between 13 and 30 ° C. Relative to the cold, they are damaged by temperatures below 0 ° C with varying intensity depending on the species and variety. Temperatures above 38 ° C are also harmful, especially if they occur in coincidence with conditions of low relative humidity and during the fruit set phase. Therefore, in Italy, irrigation is almost always necessary. Regarding the soil, citrus fruits prefer the loose or medium texture, deep, fertile, well drained (they do not tolerate water stagnation), with a pH between 6.5 and 7.5 and well endowed with organic substance. They shun soils that are too clayey, calcareous and salty.

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