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Rowan tree

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The Sorbo tree is up to 13 meters high, very long-lived; the branches are gray tomentose then hairless. Uneven alternate, compound leaves, up to 20 cm long, with 6-10 pairs of oval or sessile lanceolate leaflets, toothed at the margins, acute at the apex, above the glaucous and tomentose below. The fruit is a subglobose or pyriform pommel 2 to 4 centimeters long, yellow-reddish and speckled, therefore brown when ripe; the flesh is sweet greenish with brown angular seeds. The fruits ripen in the fall and are highly sought after by wildlife. The fruits are edible, with a sour taste, rich in malic acid and vitamin C, if they become small, they become sweet, with soft floury pulp.

  • jar 16cm, height 120/150cm
  • jar 22cm, height 150/170cm
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The Sorbo, common name for sorbus, belonging to the Rosaceae family is a medium-sized tree native to northern Europe and spontaneously spread in our country. The sorbus genus has white flowers in groups as well as bunchy berries with bright hues, from red, orange, yellow and brown, each of which contains multiple seeds. The liveliness of its colors is one of the beauty traits that most distinguishes it, together with the suggestive designs created by the leaves, especially in the autumn season. The rowan, it has been said, is medium in size: it can reach 8 or 9 meters in height and has a crown that with its embrace can grow up to 5 meters in diameter. This has a columnar shape, is light and shortly takes on its definitive umbrella shape. Its bark has a gray color tending to silver and with the passing of the years presents more and more cracks. From an ornamental point of view, the rowan is a very elegant tree, almost sober in appearance. Its appearance makes it appreciable both during the autumn, when it has a large number of small bright red pommels, and in the spring season, when it is in full bloom. The rowan has a leaf made up of 4 to 9 pairs of small leaflets, with an oval-shaped terminal. Each of these has a notched margin which gives the foliage a suggestive "feathered" appearance. The tree blooms in May. Usually in July, instead, the rowan boasts a remarkable presence of berries that resist until the end of autumn and are particularly appreciated by birds.The berries, its fruits, are small and have the shape of a yellow globular pommel that tends later to a bright red. Finally, the flowers are white and collected in small groups.

Cultivation and Care :

The rowan prefers full sun positions. Likewise, it grows easily within urban gardens, willingly tolerating even the summer heat. It also has resistance to urban pollution and high winds. The rowan's tolerance also extends to the soil of its growth. In fact, the tree does not have excessive needs, thanks to its rusticity. However, his preference is given to loose and medium-textured soils that are not very humid. It is advisable to plant rowanberries in fresh soils with a good slope.

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