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Pomegranate Tree Mollar De Elche

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The Mollar pomegranate is one of the most prized varieties in Spain, where it is widely cultivated. The Mollar pomegranate is a deciduous shrub, very ornamental, it is cultivated for its very sweet fruits, which ripen from late summer and hang on the branches for a long time. Beautiful flowering with large orange funnel flowers. The fruits of this variety ripen in October. The main feature is that these pomegranates are practically devoid of "seeds". This makes them particularly suitable for fresh consumption and juices, as they are extremely pleasant. Moreover, the flavor is even sweeter than the classic pomegranate.

-Vase 18cm, Height 120 / 130cm


In Spain, the Mollar de Elche pomegranate is the most popular and valuable compared to the other varieties and, without doubt, it is the most cultivated in the whole of Spain.The most important characteristics of the Mollar de Elche pomegranate are the following: Fruits of large size or very large, Vigorous tree that grows quickly, Fruit of large size, Seed thick, dark red, few seeds and soft. The fruits of the Mollar de Elche pomegranate have two main advantages: an intense sweetness and a very mild woody part of the aril (the edible part). For fresh consumption, suitable for juices and juices. Its high content of vitamins, mineral salts and antioxidants guarantees various benefits, including the fight against Alzheimer's, the support to contain the cholesterol level, the reduction of the risk of contracting tumors and osteoarthritis, and last but not least it strengthens the bones.

Cultivation and Care:

To grow black cherries, it is possible to buy the young plant in clod, to be planted in the period from January to the end of spring. It is necessary to prepare a deep hole to be filled with a drainage mixture, consisting of soil, sand and organic fertilizer. Furthermore, if the Amareno plant is very thin, applying a brace will help consolidate the roots and correct the trend of the stem during the first phase of growth. The production of black cherries will take place starting from May, from the second year of age, increasing considerably each season. From the fourth year it is good practice to cultivate black cherry cherries by proceeding with pruning to thin out the branches of the plant, after harvesting the ripe fruits, to allow for the assimilation of sufficient light and oxygen to the cherries of the following season.

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