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Blueberry plant

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Generality of the Blueberry plant:

The Blueberry plant is a vigorous and stocky shrub that reaches 1.50 m in height. The red-tinted white flowers bloom in March. Fruits grow on 2-year-old branches and become rarer in 4-year-olds or more. The flowers gathered in clusters of juicy berries are blue-black and ripen from late June to August. The blueberry requires an acidic, light and humus-rich soil in partial shade.

  • Vase 16cm, Height 50 / 60cm

On-line Sale Of the Blueberry plant, available in the following sizes:

  • Vase 16cm, Height 50 / 60cm

Generality of the Blueberry plant:

The leaves of the blueberry plant are characterized by having an oval or lanceolate shape, but also because of an excellent thickness and the fact that they are leathery; the color of the leaves of the blueberry plant is bright green, but they often manage to take on a golden-yellow or reddish color during the autumn season and the tendency is to remain on the shrub itself, following withering. During the final part of the spring season, the blueberry plant has the particular characteristic of producing bunches of flowers with a typically bell-shaped shape and extremely small dimensions, which are characterized by having a white color and to develop at the leaf axil. During the initial phase of the summer or autumn season, depending on the species of blueberry to be grown, the typically round fruits ripen. The fruits of the blueberry are characterized, first of all, for having a traditional purple color and, in most cases, are covered with bloom, which guarantees a good opacity. In nature we can find a large number of species of vaccinium, but we must remember how the dimensions that characterize the fruits are completely variable. Blueberries are a very precious fruit and since it is about to return in season it is good to take advantage of it! Good and super healthy, these small berries have excellent nutritional properties and can be eaten alone, mixed with other fruit, along with yogurt or used to make smoothies and juices.

Cultivation and Care of the Blueberry plant:

Blueberry plants can be planted in full sun, or preferably in partial shade, especially in places with very hot summers. Generally they do not fear the winter cold, even if there are species more suitable for the heat, and others more suitable for the cold; in general it is advisable to plant the blueberry shrubs away from the wind, which can cause damage to the leaves and which causes a rapid evaporation of water from the ground. To keep the soil moist and to avoid the excessive development of weeds, it is advisable to place bark, pine needles, or dry leaves around the plant. Blueberries love cool and humid places, they need to be watered regularly, from March to October, especially during the flowering and fruiting period; they fear drought, but it is advisable to allow the soil to dry slightly between one watering and the other. In spring, well-ripened organic fertilizer is mixed with the earth, being careful not to touch the delicate roots of the plant; then it is periodically fertilized with fertilizer rich in nitrogen. These shrubs need fresh, humid, very well drained soil with an acid pH; if the soil of our garden is calcareous we can overcome this problem by periodically mixing peat or decayed leaf soil with the soil, or we can grow blueberries in pots. The roots of the blueberry are very delicate and thin, it is good to remember this when we remove weeds or add acid soil around the plant.

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