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Pine tree

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Generalities Pine tree:

Pine is the common name of a genus of evergreen trees and shrubs, belonging to the Pinaceae family. About 120 species belong to this genus. The Pine has various healing properties that allow it to treat various diseases including those of the respiratory system

Online Sale Albero di Pino, available in the following formats:

  • jar 7cm, height 10/15cm

Online Sale Albero di Pino, available in the following formats::

  • jar 7cm, height 10/15cm

Generalities Pine tree:

The pine tree is an evergreen conifer native to the Mediterranean area. Aleppo pines are quite long-lived and adult specimens can reach dimensions of around 15-20 meters in height, although usually, growing often in uncomfortable conditions, they remain within a smaller size. The crown is pyramidal in the young specimens, it becomes globular with the years, always remaining disordered in appearance. The bark of the short and robust trunk is gray, becomes dark and deeply fissured. The male flowers are yellow-orange, they bloom in late spring; the pine cones are oval, elongated, of medium size, take two years to mature and to release the small winged seeds. The needles are 8-10 cm long and usually grow in pairs, light green, tending to gray-blue. Pinus sylvestris is an evergreen tree with an expanded crown. It belongs to the Pinaceae family and has needle-like leaves grouped in bunches. The flowers of the pine can be microsporophylls, if they form small cones of yellow peduncles; or macrosporophylls, with small reddish cones, erect and isolated. Pinus sylvestris is a Conifer and as such has the naked seed, not enclosed in an ovary. Conifers are classified as Gymnosperms.

Pine Tree Cultivation and Care:

the  Pine is a pinata spread from the plains to the high mountains. It is very common throughout the Alpine chain and also occupies a small area of ​​the Northern Apennines. It is also cultivated to carry out extensive reforestation. Pine is a plant that loves being in full light; it prefers the loose and sandy soils of the maritime coasts. The formation of pine forests near the beaches and among the dunes is very common, where it is possible to find pine with other plants typical of the Mediterranean scrub.

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