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'Drosera Capensis' Carnivorous Plant

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Generality of the Drosera Plant:

Drosera capensis is a carnivorous plant of the Droseraceae family. It is native to the region of Cape Town (South Africa), from which it takes its name. Thanks to its size, ease of cultivation and copious seed production, it has become one of the most common species of Drosera cultivated.

On-line Sale of the Drosera plant, available in the following sizes:

  • Vase 8.5cm, Height: Height: 5/10cm
  • Vase 12cm, Height: 10/15cm

On-line Sale Of the Drosera plant, available in the following sizes:

  • Vase 8.5cm, Height: Height:5/10cm
  • Vase 12cm, Height: 10/15cm

Generality of the Drosera Plant:

Drosera is a carnivorous plant that catches prey by viscous SECRETS that bog down. In some of them the secretion is constant while in others it occurs only in the presence of prey. The leaves have hairs that carry in the terminal part of the species of drops composed of various viscous substances that trap the prey. Often these leaves are movable ie, once they have caught the prey they wrap themselves on themselves. The sundew is a plant that produces very decorative flowers that appear in spring and produces a large amount of seeds that can also be used to multiply the plant by arranging them either in the same pot or in a multiplication box.

Cultivation and Care of the Drosera Plant:

Drosera loves sunny places sheltered from the wind. It should be watered regularly only with rain water or with distilled water, the tap water causes its death in a short time. In winter keep the soil moist, loose and well drained at acidic pH composed of a mixture of sphagnum peat, perlite and sand. It is a plant that absolutely must not be fertilized. The plant must be repotted only when the roots come out of the drainage holes of the water or when the peat that forms the substratum is in the process of rotting.

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