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Pandorea Jasminoides Plant

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Generalities Plant Pandorea Jasminoides:

The Pandorea plant is an evergreen creeper, native to Australia and Malaysia; it has vigorous growth and develops rapidly up to a height of 4-5 meters; the stems are thin and very branched, bright green in color, tend to lignify at the base. The leaves are imparipinnate, quite thick and leathery, dark green in color. From late spring until the end of summer they produce numerous bell-shaped flowers, with an enlarged corolla, which has five lobes; the flowers are light pink, with a fuchsia throat, and give off a delicate perfume. Flowers follow small oval fruits.

Online Sale Pandorea Jasminoides Plant, available in the following formats:

  • jar 7cm, height 5/15cm
  • jar 18cm,  height 60/80cm
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  • Vase 7cm
  • Vase 18cm

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Online Sale Pandorea Jasminoides Plant, available in the following formats:

  • jar 7cm, height 5/15cm
  • jar 18cm, height 60/80cm

Generalities Plant Pandorea Jasminoides:

The Pandorea plant is a fairly vigorous, evergreen creeper, originally from Australia; despite what the name suggests, this plant does not resemble jasmine at all, in this case jasminoides derives from the fact that the flowers of this species give off a scent similar to that of jasmine. Beautiful climber, with a very elegant bearing, with long stems fickle, with which it wraps itself with any support it has available; evergreen, this variety has large oval leaves, there are also varieties with variegated leaves, but generally the foliage is dark green, shiny and slightly waxy looking.

Throughout the summer it produces large trumpet flowers, light in color, with a bright pink throat, delicately scented. There are varieties with yellow, orange, white flowers, but in the nursery the pinkish variety is more commonly found.

It slightly fears the frost, it is therefore particularly suitable as a climber for a terrace, or for a flowerbed near the south wall of the house.

Cultivation and Care Plant Pandorea Jasminoides:

In the places of origin this plant develops in a good woodland, rich and slightly sandy, where the water flows easily, without leaving harmful stagnations.

We can easily grow our specimen in a pot, as the root system is not huge; being a climber, however, we remember that we will have to guarantee the plant a large container; in this way it will also survive the winter frost more easily.

As is the case for most flowering plants, this variety also needs a good dose of direct insolation, specimens grown in the shade tend to produce very few flowers; therefore let's plant our plant in a sunny place, protected from the strong wind, which could ruin its stems.

During the winter the plant can endure short periods of little intense gel; if we fear that the winter is excessively harsh we grow the plant in a pot, so that we can move it to a sheltered place during the colder months; however, since it is a creeper, with good branches, it will be difficult to move the plants for a few years; generally the pandoree in northern Italy are placed in the shelter of a terrace, so that in winter they enjoy the shelter of the house. If possible in very cold periods it is good to cover the entire plant with non-woven fabric, which guarantees a temperature above zero. These creepers need regular watering, whenever the soil is dry; during the summer months, watering will be very frequent, and from March to September we will also add fertilizer for flowering plants to the irrigating water; with the arrival of the cold the watering will become more and more sporadic.

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