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Ederina Variegated Plant jar 7cm

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Generalities Ederina Variegata plant:

The Hederina Variegata plant is an evergreen Creeper with small leaves, green in color, widely bordered with white. Foliage very similar to the "Hedera Helix Elegantissima", but with a decidedly reduced size. Like all varieties of ivy, it is able to anchor itself independently on any surface. It grows quickly, without the need for intervention. It can be used both as a climber and as a ground cover. The plant is used to cover fences, walls and pergolas, thanks to its rapid growth and frost resistance.

Online Sale of Hederina Variegata Plant, available in the following formats :

  • jar 7cm, height 5/15cm

Online Sale of Hederina Variegata Plant, available in the following formats:

  • jar 7cm, height 5/15cm

Generalities Ederina Variegata plant:

Ivy is the climbing plant par excellence; it is common on facades and walls, but is also found in small internal pots.

All of them are hardy and very easy to grow. As well as all climbing plants, ivies offer multiple possibilities: it is possible to cover walls, or even entire houses, it is possible to cover gazebos, structures, pergolas, tree trunks, with ivy it is possible to mask the unsightly areas of your garden. The Ederina Variegata is the species with the smallest foliage and is the common ivy that we see on the streets of our cities, very fast growing. It is characterized by green colored leaves, often shiny with silver spots along the ribs. The leaves are variegated with opaque white at the edges. The flowers ripen in autumn and the berries ripen the year after flowering, around April and May. In fact, in ivy, flowering and fruiting occur in different years.

Cultivation and Care of Variegated Ederine Plant:

The Hederina Variegata plant has an ideal temperature is around 15 ° C; the minimum winter temperature is between 0 and 7 ° C. Watering should be regular in summer (once or twice a week), reduced in winter (once a week). It is a good practice to let the soil dry between one wetting and the other and let the water flow away without stagnating in the saucer. For the substrate, mix garden soil, potting soil and peat, with the addition of sand to increase drainage.

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