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Kaki Apple Tree

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General Kaki Apple Tree:

The fruits of kaki mela do not require ammoszzimento, that is, the ripening after the harvest necessary for the more traditional varieties. They are colorful, crunchy and sweet, ready to bite immediately after detachment from the tree. It originates from the central-southern area of ​​China, but nevertheless never below 20 ° North latitude, and in the southernmost areas often in colder hilly or mountainous areas; Said apple of the East, it was defined by the Chinese as the tree of the seven virtues.

  • jar 16cm, height 110/130cm
  • jar 22cm, height 150/170cm
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Sale Apple Kaki Tree, available in the following formats:

  • jar  16cm, height 110/130cm
  • jar 22cm, Aheight 150/170cm

General Kaki Apple Tree:

The characteristic of the apple persimmon is that you can eat it immediately as soon as it is picked, even with a hard consistency, slicing it with a knife as you do with apples. Even the slightly flattened and square shape is reminiscent of that of certain apples, especially the renette. The caco mela or cacomela or caki mela is a variety of the botanical species Diospyros kaki, which also includes the many traditional varieties.The caco apple is eaten fresh as fruit, or in jam or in sweet sauce in desserts. You can make ice cream and you can also dry it, cut into strips like dehydrated fruit. The taste of fresh persimmon generally goes very well with chocolate and cocoa, especially the dark one that balances the sweetness of the fruit. Like all late fruits, persimmon apple is also a very energetic food.

Cultivation and Care of Apple Kaki Tree:

The persimmon is a tree easy enough to grow because it requires no special care, however the good harvest depends a lot on the attention we will be able to devote to the plant. There are also marked differences between the different varieties and between the 'normal' persimmon and the apple persimmon. There are some varieties of apple persimmon that produce only fruits deriving from pollination, while in other varieties the unpollinated fruits still fall small before ripening. Apple persimmons are not particularly demanding plants in terms of water supply. Obviously young plants are much more sensitive to watering. The apple persimmon plant adapts to almost all types of soil. The most important factor is drainage.

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