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copy of Eucalyptus Trabutii plant

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Generalities Eucalyptus Trabutii tree:

Originally from Tasmania, Eucalyptus is a tree that can reach 25 m, but it can also be grown as a splendid shrub, keeping its size at about two meters with appropriate pruning. As a tree it provides a light shade, suitable for protecting woodland specimens placed at its feet, the shrubby form is pruned annually and retains the rounded gray-blue colere leaves used in floral compositions.The Eucalyptus genus includes about seven hundred species of evergreen trees and shrubs , all originating from the Australian continent.

Online Sale Eucalyptus Trabutii Tree, available in the following formats

  • jar 15x15x20cm standing on cane, Height: 160 / 180cm

Online Sale Eucalyptus Trabutii Tree, available in the following formats
  • Vase 15x15x20cm standing on cane, Height: 160 / 180cm

Generalities Eucalyptus Trabutii tree:

Eucalyptus is a genus of trees and bushes belonging to the Myrtaceae family. They are the most common trees in Australia. There are more than 700 species of eucalyptus, almost all of which is native to Australia. However, some species are also found in New Guinea, Indonesia and the Philippines. Currently, many of these are cultivated for ornamental or productive purposes in the temperate areas of the American continent, Europe, Asia and Africa. They have only become popular in these areas because most of them are not rustic. Eucalyptus is actually only one of three very similar and close genera that are often confused. The others are called Corymbia and Angophora. Some of these are nicknamed “rubber trees” because of the latex that comes out if their bark is cut into. The name eucalyptus derives from the Greek and means "well hidden" with reference to the fact that the petals initially hide the center of the flower. The young foliage is oval, bluish green, becomes lanceolate with the age of the plant, dark green in color; plants pruned to large shrubs tend to maintain the youthful shape of the leaves. In summer it produces small pompon flowers, white or greenish in color, followed by small rounded fruits, containing the seeds. The eucalyptus foliage contains a very aromatic essential oil, used in herbal medicine and also by the pharmaceutical industry; these trees are known as rubber trees, due to the copious sap flowing from each cut made in the barki.

Cultivation and Care Eucalyptus Trabutii Tree:

To obtain a healthy and vigorous plant, it is good to plant the eucalyptus in a sunny place and sheltered from the wind. Eucalyptus can stand the cold, but part of the foliage can be ruined by intense winter winds; Fortunately, most eucalyptus trees tend to self-repair damage caused by the cold, producing new leaves, with the arrival of spring, even starting from mature wood. There are many species of eucalyptus that withstand even intense frosts, for quite prolonged periods of time. They also withstand pollution and the brackish wind from the coasts without any problems. It requires full sun and can bear even prolonged periods of drought or high humidity in the soil without problems. It is advisable to water young plants recently planted, at least every 2-3 weeks, during the summer. They prefer soft and fresh soils, well drained and free from water stagnation; however, they are satisfied with any soil, even stony or poor in nutrients. It hates alkaline soils but adapts to any type of well-drained and moist soil.

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