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Lentisk plant

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Generalities of the Lentisk plant:

The Lentisk plant is an evergreen shrub that can reach 4-5 m in height and 2-3 m in width. The bark is reddish; the leaves consist of oval, dark green leaflets. At the beginning of spring, small greenish flowers bloom in the leaf axil, the female flowers, darker and tending to red the male flowers; in summer the flowers give way to small fruits, round red berries, which turn black when ripe, in winter.

  • jar 7cm, height 5/15cm
  • jar 14cm, height 20/30cm
  • jar 18cm, height 40/60cm
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  • Vase 7cm
  • Vase 14cm
  • Vase 18cm

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  • jar 7cm, height 5/15cm
  • jar 14cm, height 20/30cm
  • jar 18cm, height 40/60cm

Generalities of the Lentisk plant :

The Lentisk plant is an evergreen native to the areas bordering the Mediterranean basin. It can reach about 4/5 meters in height and about 2/3 in diameter. The tree is made up of a low trunk covered with a reddish bark; the foliage consists of small green, shiny and oval leaves. During the spring season, small green flowers are formed between the leaf axils if they are female and red if they are male. The inflorescences, during the summer season, are replaced by round and red fruits which, during the winter season, reach maturity and become black. The resin extracted from the branches was used in the past to make a kind of mastic while today the plant is used in the perfume industry and in herbal medicine. Branches and leaves are very fragrant.

Lentisk Plant Care and Cultivation:

The Lentisk plant, being native to Mediterranean and temperate climates, loves sunny areas, even if it can be planted in semi-shady places. It is able to withstand temperatures around - 10 ° C but, if it is found in regions subject to harsh winters, it is convenient to protect it or move it near walls or other shrubs. Watering must take place every 15-20 days during the summer season; in winter it is convenient to reduce watering while, during the spring and autumn season, it is convenient to place a mature organic fertilizer at the base of the mastic plant, in such a way as to give it the right amount of nutrients essential for the growth of the plant itself, its leaves and its flowers.

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