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copy of 'Ogliarola Barese' olive tree

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Generality of the Ogliarola Barese olive tree:

Ogliarola Barese, a typical Apulian cultivar, is also known as 'Paesana'. It is a widespread species in the central area of the province of Bari and is mainly collected by hand. From this particular variety of olives, highly appreciated since ancient times, a delicate and fine extra virgin olive oil is obtained, characterized by an almondy fruity aroma and a light tingling, straw-yellow color.

- Height 160 / 170cm

- Vase 7cm/Height 15cm

On-line Sale Of the Ogliarola Barese olive tree, available in the following sizes:

- Height 160 / 170cm

- Vase 7cm/Height 15cm

Generality of the Ogliarola Barese olive tree:

The ogliarola is one of the most widespread squeezing olive cultivars in the south of Italy, particularly present in Puglia and Basilicata but not only. Each micro territory has its own variety of planted Ogliarola which, depending on the characteristics of the soil, the climate, the age of the olive grove, expresses itself with different distinctive nuances, so much so that over time specific names have developed which could identify exactly the origin. It is a rustic and fast growing variety, the Ogliarola Barese is often used as a pollinator plant. It has an average and alternating productivity, its fruits ripen in late times, have a high resistance to detachment and an excellent yield to the crusher. The tree has medium vigor and expanded growth habit, with medium foliage density. The oil is golden yellow in color with light greenish reflections, quite viscous. On the nose it is very pleasant, medium intensity of fruity aromas with a characteristic almond scent. It is an oil that goes well with first courses, legume soups, bruschetta and roasted white meats. An ancient olive tree from which a very modern extra virgin is obtained which perfectly embodies the taste of the vast majority of consumers who are looking for quality products capable of supporting most of the dishes without ever appearing too "protagonist".

Cultivation and Care of the Ogliarola Barese olive tree:

The Ogliarola Barese Olive Tree, more than the minimum winter temperatures, however, fears the sudden changes in temperature that can cause splits in the trunks and branches. Some parts of the plant are particularly sensitive to the action of frost: the leaves, the buds and the bark. The latter is torn not only in the twigs, but also in the larger branches and in the trunk. The olive tree is a plant that prefers arid environments while it fears excessive humidity, except in spring, in correspondence with the maximum vegetative activity. Calcareous and dry soils are ideal, but good productions can also be had well in clayey soils, if well drained, and in sandy soils, as long as they are sufficiently irrigated.

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