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Leccino Olive Tree Vase 10cm, H120 / 130cm

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The Leccina olive tree is a cultivar native to the areas of Lecce. It has a light to intense fruity flavor of fresh olives, with hints of grass, and notes of officinal herbs, in particular mint and basil. Slightly bitter and spicy taste, with vegetal tones of lettuce, chicory, artichoke and sweet almond on the finish.

  • Vase: 22cm,  Height: 150/170cm


Leccino is one of the olive cultivars with the widest diffusion in the Italian territory, but its characteristics have facilitated a certain success also abroad. The Leccino olive tree looks like an aesthetically very pleasant tree and can reach large dimensions. One of its peculiarities is the fact that it has drooping branches which in some way resemble those of a weeping willow. The foliage is dense and expanded. The inflorescence is rather short and the flowers are large. The seasonal production of olives of this variety is very high and they are often quite large. This olive tree has characteristics not found in other varieties. It stands out, first of all, because, during the winter months, it is able to withstand fairly low temperatures. This plant, born in Tuscany, is certainly one of the most rustic varieties among those grown in our country. The plant is widespread in Italy and also known abroad. The olives harvested before complete maturation give an oil of excellent quality, fresh, fruity and fragrant. The olive harvest carried out in more advanced times, however, may produce a less strong oil but with a sweet and round taste. However, in most cases, the oil obtained from Leccino will have a neutral and not too aromatic flavor, with a bitter and slightly spicy aftertaste. Some connoisseurs recognize in the oil of this variety, especially in certain vintages, aromas of basil and mint, of artichokes and almonds. The color of this oil is golden yellow with greenish hues.

Cultivation and Care:

The Coratina Olive Tree, more than the minimum winter temperatures, however, fears the sudden changes in temperature that can cause splits in the trunks and branches. Some parts of the plant are particularly sensitive to the action of frost: the leaves, the buds and the bark. The latter is torn not only in the twigs, but also in the larger branches and in the trunk. The olive tree is a plant that prefers arid environments while it fears excessive humidity, except in spring, in correspondence with the maximum vegetative activity. Calcareous and dry soils are ideal, but good productions can also be obtained in clayey soils, if well drained, and in sandy ones, as long as they are sufficiently irrigated.

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