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Bignonia Contessa Sara Lillac Plant, Vase 7cm

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Generalities Plant Bignonia Countess Sara Lilla:

Bignonia Contessa Sara is a vigorous climber, evergreen in the countries of origin. It has a beautiful dark green foliage that contrasts predominantly with the pink of its flowers during flowering. It comes from the Cape province, in extreme South Africa. Its subspecies Podranea brycei, which lives a little further north, in the state of Rhodesia, differs from the Ricasolian one in the tomentosity, and the size of the flowers and the markedly more red veins inside the jaw. The flowers smell slightly, particularly in the afternoon, although not all the strains are fragrant.

Online Sale of Bignonia Plant, available in the following formats:

  • Vase 7cm, Height 5 / 15cm

Online Sale of Bignonia Plant, available in the following formats:

  • Vase 7cm, Height 5 / 15cm

Generalities Plant Bignonia:

The Bignonia Contessa Sara plant is a climber now widespread in Italy too. Also coming from South Africa, it is a fast-growing vigorous climber, with dark green leaves. The flowers, large and numerous, are funnel-shaped, collected in groups of 5-7, pink-red-purple veined in color and bloom from spring to autumn, but, in the areas of origin, practically almost all year round. Like most Bignonie, it has no particular needs, except for the sunny and warm exposure, sheltered from the winter cold. It grows well on all types of soil, with the exception of those that are too calcareous. Temperatures below 0 ° even for short periods damage the aerial part, which, however, if no damage to the root system has occurred, reappears in early spring from the base. Flowering occurs however, as the flowers are carried on the branches of the year. During the winter, in the northern regions, it is advisable to shelter it from the cold, in particular from wet soil, which causes irreparable damage to the root system. In Mediterranean gardens it is particularly suitable for quickly covering walls, fences, pergolas, columns, or forming arches, but, suitably contained, it is also suitable for cultivation in capacious pots. It resists salt well.

Cultivation and Care of Bignonia Plant:

Bignonia prefers bright and sunny places for many hours a day. It does not tolerate low temperatures and freezing winds. Although it grows well in any type of soil, it loves loose soil, rich in organic sosatnaza, well drained and non-calcareous. It is a plant that is generally satisfied with rainwater but during periods of prolonged drought and in summer it is advisable to water it regularly and abundantly. To encourage flowering and the emission of new shoots, periodically give fertilizer slow release granular specific for flowering plants. Pruning should be done during the vegetative rest period of the plant, preferably in February. The longest and most disordered branches are shortened; those dried or damaged by the cold are cut off at the base.

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