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Gelsomino Azorico Plant Vase 7cm

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Generalities Azoric jasmine plant:

 The Azorico Jasmine has a flower of about 8-9 cm in diameter. Throughout the month of May and beyond, jasmine gives us abundant flowering, its intense green and very shiny foliage is filled with intense pink, almost red, buds. It can be kept low, bushy, with an uncluttered, even rounded shape, becoming perfect as a hedge. It can be combined in its use with hedge plants and used in a similar way but with the advantage of spring flowering. Jasmine comes from mild climate environments and is quite resistant even to low temperatures and humid climates.

Online Sale Azoric Jasmine Plant, available in the following formats :

  • jar 7cm, height 5/15cm

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Online Sale Azoric Jasmine Plant, available in the following formats:

  • jar 7cm, height 5/15cm

Generalities Azoric jasmine plant:

Jasmines are plants with a shrubby and climbing habit native to the Asian continent and the territories of the Mediterranean basin, they have been known since ancient times for the intense and characteristic fragrance of the inflorescences produced in abundance in summer or winter. The flowers are large, tubular and star-shaped, depending on the different species, hybrid varieties and cultivars can be white and yellow. The Azorico Jasmine plant, throughout the month of May and beyond, gives us abundant flowering, its intense and very shiny green foliage fills before intense pink, almost red buds. They are plants widely used to cover fences, walls and pergolas thanks to rapid growth.

Cultivation and Care Azoric Jasmine Plant:

The Jasmine Mltipartitum, depending on the variety and size that the plant can reach, is grown as an ornamental outdoor plant in the garden or is grown in pots as an ornamental indoor plant. Jasmine originates mostly from the Asian and Middle Eastern regions with a warm climate, but it is also a very rustic plant that has adapted well to the winters of the old continent. Jasmine is grown in the garden to adorn walls, trellises and pergolas. It needs supports and supports especially when it comes to a climbing jasmine. Even if you are a beginner in garden care, don't worry, as jasmine does not require special attention. The growth of jasmine occurs quickly and easily. Climbing jasmine quickly covers the surfaces to which it is anchored. You can plant jasmine in the garden near gates, separation nets or fences to create a real green and flowery wall. Jasmine grown outdoors feeds on rain, but in any case as regards watering, the surface of the soil should always be kept moist.

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