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Bouganvillea Plant

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Generalities Bouganvillea plant:

The Bouganvillea plant is a climber, unsurpassed for its magnificent flowering in a multitude of bright colors. It can have a climbing or bushy character, the leaves are bright green and have a shape similar to elongated egg. The branches are thin and have thorns. Bougainvillea are plants native to South America. They are suitable for hedges and pergolas in their climbing varieties. They are grown as ornamental plants to embellish and enrich the garden with color.

Online sale of the Bouganvillea plant, available in the following formats:

  • Vase 7cm, Height 5 / 15cm
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  • Vase 7cm
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Online sale of the Bouganvillea plant, available in the following formats:

  • Vase 7cm, Height 5 / 15cm

Generalities Bouganvillea plant:

These plants love sunny exposures. We can admire them especially along the walls, in the courtyards and near the verandas.
 Today bougainvillea are widespread in many areas of Italy and Europe, especially in regions with a mild climate. The leaves are arranged alternately along the stem, petiolate and with whole margins while the flowers are small, cream-colored, gathered in panicle inflorescences, surrounded however by large bracts of various colors and of paper consistency, very showy which make the flowering of this plant unique for its beauty. Despite the fact that it comes from a very hot climate, in fact, some varieties manage to adapt quite easily to milder temperatures. The plant is characterized, depending on the variety, for a height of 8-10 meters, a climbing pattern and large, oval leaves of an intense green color. However, it is in the flowers that this genus finds its greatest appreciation, thanks to the grouping of bunches with tubular shapes, with soft, delicate and fragrant petals. The most common colors are those of cyclamen and violet, but white, yellow and pink specimens may exist. Given the evergreen nature of most plants, flowering is extended for long periods of the year, provided that the landing climate allows for proper development.

Cultivation and Care Bouganvillea Plant:

Bougainvillea is a very simple plant to grow. In temperate climate areas it can be raised in the ground, in sunny areas, with medium-textured soil and characterized by good drainage. In areas where winters are harsh and winter temperatures drop below 5 ° C, the plant must be rigorously bred in pots to be taken to sheltered places during cold periods.
Being a climbing plant, in order to grow it needs supports, such as racks, poles, pergolas, in short, anything to which the plant can cling to develop.
The ideal location for these plants is in full sun. The soil must always remain damp (not wet) from spring and throughout the summer. During the other periods, watering should be reduced to a minimum, just enough not to dry out the soil. It is fertilized throughout the summer once a week using a good liquid fertilizer diluted in irrigation water, slightly decreasing the doses compared to what is reported in the fertilizer package as they are always exaggerated.

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