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Dipladenia Plant

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Generalities Plant Dipladenia:

The Dipladenia plant is an evergreen creeper with splendid blooms with funnel-shaped flowers. Dipladenia plants are highly appreciated for their foliage characterized by opposite leaves, smooth and of a more or less intense green color and for the white, pink or red flowers that bloom abundantly throughout the summer and autumn part. The Dipladenia plant prefers very bright positions, both in full sun and in partial shade; they do not fear the summer heat, but they fear the frost, especially if intense and prolonged. To always have a lush plant, in autumn, shrubs are pruned to about 8-10 cm

 sale of Dipladenia plant, available in the following formats:

  • jar 7cm, height 10/20cm
  • jar 14cm, height 20/30cm
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  • Vase 7cm
  • Vase 14cm
  • Vase 18cm
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Online sale of Dipladenia plant, available in the following formats:

  • Jar 8cm, height 10/20cm
  • jar 14cm, height 20/30cm

Generalities Plant Dipladenia:

Dipladenia is an evergreen climbing plant native to Central and South America that produces colorful flowers by brightening our gardens with colorful waterfalls and walls and walls, public and private places that host it. With its thin and fleshy stems, Dipladenia grows rapidly and is usually grown in hanging pots or as a climber. In this second case it is necessary, or at least it is a welcome thing, to supply trellises or braces, nets or accessories that help this plant to cling with its tendrils to a support. We can also think of a bow, very artistic. When in pot, however, Dipladenia forms waterfalls as if it were a Surfinia. They are plants ready to reach even 3 meters and above in height. The Dipladenia flower appears in spring next to the oval, dark, shiny and thick leaves bringing more cheerful hues. Usually it forms a waterfall and its shape is called "trumpet", or bell, but each opens the 5 lobes.

Cultivation and Care of Dipladenia Plant:

In climatic conditions such as the Italian ones, usually from May to October you can count on flowering: it is the period in which we must provide irrigation, vaporization and fertilization. When autumn arrives, Dipladenia must be withdrawn by pruning it and leaving it in a slightly humid environment until April when it must be repotted to be ready to bloom again. We avoid placing the plant in a completely shaded place if we do not want it to be shy or mean in producing flowers, leaving only many green leaves. For the cultivation of Dipladenia in pots it is recommended to use a specific soil for flowering plants and on the base of the pot always put expanded clay.

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perfetto, sono arrivati ​​in perfetto stato pieno di fiori

perfetto, sono arrivati ​​in perfetto stato pieno di fiori

perfetto, sono arrivati ​​in perfetto stato pieno di fiori

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