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Tecoma Plant, Vase 7cm

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General Tecoma plant:

The Tecoma plant is a plant native to South Africa belonging to the Bignoniaceae family widespread in our latitudes especially in coastal areas and regions characterized by a Mediterranean climate. The plant with bushy and climbing development but which can also be bred as a tree, has numerous stems about 2 - 3 meters long covered by compound leaves formed by dark green oval folded leaflets with toothed margins. The flowers are raceme inflorescences gathered in apical and axillary clusters. The funnel-shaped or tubular flowers are yellow.

Online sale of Tecoma plant, available in the following formats :

  • jar 7cm, height 5/15cm

Online sale of Tecoma plant, available in the following formats:

  • jar 7cm, height 5/15cm

General Tecoma plant:

The Tecoma plant is a shrub of extraordinary beauty that gives the garden a touch of vitality and exuberance with its bright foliage and intense and prolonged flowering of intense yellow color. It originates from South America and is used above all on the Andean mountain range, being able to tolerate lower temperatures than other Bignoniaceae such as Tabebuia and Handroanthus. In these areas, where the climate is cool and humid with few seasonal variations, Tecoma stans blooms continuously throughout the year. The development of the plant is rapid and vigorous and already starting from the third or fourth year from sowing it can begin to bloom.

The leaf is composed of five leaflets, two lateral pairs and one apical, of intense and bright green. The inflorescence, which develops in an apical position, is a raceme that bears dozens of scalar flowering flowers, with a very long duration. The main limiting element for its cultivation is the thermal one.

Given its small size and its tolerance to temperatures even below 0 degrees it can give excellent results even in pots in areas with a continental climate if you take care to repair it in sheltered places or against a house wall during the winter season. It looks like a beautiful ornamental plant with climbing growth. The leaves are intense green and lanceolate with toothed margin. The flowers, very large and fragrant, are shaped like a trumpet and a beautiful golden yellow. It is a rather rustic shrub that grows easily colonizes rocky and sandy substrates, often becoming a weed.

Cultivation and Care of Tecoma Plant:

Its cultivation foresees a sunny or semi-shade position, with a support that can direct its fast aerial growth. Watering must be regular and abundant during the warmer period. Tecoma adapts to cultivation in the open ground, being quite resistant to the minimum temperatures of the winter season. In the case of particularly harsh winters, however, it is necessary to adequately protect the plant and repair it at home if grown in pots. It is a plant that requires few precautions to give your best in all seasons of the year. The Tecoma must be placed in a bright position, so that it can receive direct sun for many hours during the day. It tolerates the cold, but during the winter season it is appropriate to adequately protect the plant or repair it at home.It adapts to any type of soil, as long as it is loose, fertile and well drained, so as to allow the passage of water. During the growing season it is advisable to irrigate regularly, leaving the soil to remain moist between one intervention and another. In autumn and during the winter season it is sufficient to wet the ground occasionallyo.

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