Kiwi Tree (Male)

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Generality of the Kiwi Tree (Male):

The Kiwi Tree is a plant of Chinese origin, it is a vigorous, deciduous climber that needs supports to develop you: being the very vigorous and luxuriant plant we prepare very solid support structures, to prevent heavy branches they ruin them over the years. The Kiwi Tree prefers semi-shaded positions, as they fear prolonged drought; it is also advisable to position them in a place not subject to strong winds, which, in addition to drying the soil, can cause damage to the branches. They are dioecious plants; therefore it is advisable when planting both male and female subjects to obtain fruits.

  • Vase: 16cm, Height: 150/170cm

Kiwi Tree Sale, available in the following formats:

  • jar 16cm, height 150/170cm

General Kiwi tree:

Kiwi plants are fruits of oriental origin but their cultivation is now very common in Italy. Kiwi plants can also be grown in their own garden in the central and northern regions. The kiwi is a climbing plant and therefore needs very solid support structures to develop. The support structures must last over time and must be able to support the branches laden with fruit. Kiwis bear fruit for many years if grown the right way. Kiwis love shady displays. So choose a place in your garden that is not in full sun to place your plants. Keep in mind that with kiwi plants you can equip yourself to form a pergola. The consumption of kiwis is recommended above all to integrate vitamin C and potassium into your diet and to promote intestinal functions, thanks to the presence of fiber. The richness of vitamin C in kiwis makes them a useful fruit to strengthen our immune system and to protect us from colds and flu.

Cultivation and Care of Kiwi Tree :

The Kiwi Plant should be planted in areas with a temperate climate. It is particularly important that it be inserted in areas protected from strong winds: in fact, these could cause the fall of flowers and fruit as well as being an obstacle to the work of pollinating bees. Because there is good production in the summer, at least 25 ° C. In winter, however, you should not go below -10 ° C. The tolerance to cold is significantly conditioned by the age of the specimens and also by the environmental humidity. It is very important that during the growing season humidity is at least 60%. In spring and summer the irrigations must be abundant. Kiwi cultivation requires very deep, well-drained, permeable and rich substrates in organic matter.

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