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Common Walnut Tree

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Generality of the Common Walnut Tree:

Walnut is one of the oldest fruit trees cultivated by man.

Its fruits can be eaten fresh or dried. In addition, they can be used to make sweets, to extract their oil and, when they are still green, to make the famous nocino liqueur. The walnut tree is also of great value for its precious, hard and eternal wood. It is no coincidence that it has always been used in the high quality furniture industry. Appreciated both as an ornamental plant and for its great shading capacity.

  • Vase: 16cm, Height: 120/150cm
  • Vase: 22cm, Height: 150/170cm
Age Of The Plant

On-line Sale Of the Common Walnut Tree, available in the following sizes:

  • Vase 16cm, Height: 120/150cm
  • Vase 22cm, Height: 150/170cm

Generality of the Common Walnut Tree:

The common walnut is a tree of very high vigor with constant productivity, it is interesting as it has a dual purpose (fruit and wood). The fruit is medium-late (5th - 7th year). Flowering is late (a positive feature that allows you to avoid spring frosts) and very abundant. The Franquette Walnut produces only on apical shoots and has a moderate need for cold, so in Italy it is recommended in the Center - North and in the South only in the coldest areas. In case you want to obtain both productions (fruit and wood), it is advisable to annually provide balanced fertilizations (both organic and mineral) and ensure regular water availability during the vegetative cycle Flowering is very abundant which is why it is used as a pollinator for many other walnut cultivars and is late in order to avoid spring frosts. The fruit has a more elongated shape and has an average weight of 11-13 grams.

Cultivation and Care of the Common Walnut Tree:

For the cultivation of Walnut, it must be placed in shallow holes, in fact 12 - 15 cm of earth will be enough above the roots. When choosing the place for the planting of the walnut, keep in mind that this plant can grow up to 25-30 meters in height with an expanded and globular bearing. From the first year of cultivation it will be necessary to perform two green pruning operations: the first will take place when the shoots have reached 20-25 cm (you will have to choose the one destined to constitute the extension of the stem, eliminating the suckers and shortening all the others up to 1-2 leaves on the central access), the second intervention must be carried out in summer, in July or in any case during the second vegetative recovery. The second walnut pruning is also done to favor the central shoot. The pruning operations of the walnut described above must also be repeated in the second year, until the tree has reached the height where to form the scaffolding, about 2.5 meters from the ground. From the third year of cultivation the pruning interventions will have to be more contained, in fact you will have to limit yourself to removing the nerds, dead branches and badly inserted branches.

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