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Peach Tree Nectarine

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It is believed that Nectarine Peach, also known as walnut peach, derives from genetic mutations of common peaches, fruits of the Prunus persica species. The fruits have a medium size and elongated shape. With yellow-green skin, when ripe, it is mostly covered by an intense red color.

  • jar 16cm, height 120/160cm
  • jar 22cm, height 150/170cm
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Nectarine peaches, (or "nectarines"), are characterized by smooth and thin skin. The pulp, with a crunchy consistency, can be yellow (the most common), white or red streaked, with a more or less sugary and aromatic taste, depending on the variety and the harvesting period. In addition to Emilia Romagna, other production regions are Puglia (with very early varieties, already in early May), Basilicata, Campania and Sicily. Nectarine peaches are harvested by hand, still unripe in order to withstand the subsequent processing steps (calibration, selection, packaging, transport, etc.). To mature them after purchase, just keep them at room temperature inside a paper bag for 2-3 days.

Cultivation and Care:

It is important that irrigation is therefore very abundant especially during the hottest summer months and it is also possible to enrich its nourishment with the administration of mineral salts through specially made fertilizers to be administered both at the end of winter and in the period immediately preceding its vegetative restarto.

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